Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Eagles Are The New Trendy Pick

In this NFL all it takes is two games. Two games prior you are the bums of the NFL. The national media is calling your leader the worst coach in the NFL and putting the franchise player on the sideline to rot. Two games later the coach is now a late season genius and the QB is setting himself up for a sweet off-season deal.

Remember how dreary the Eagles' outlook was after the Ravens game? Things were desperately bleak, but you would never know listening to the buzz surrounding the Eagles now. They are everyone's new darlings. They are the 2007 Giants, getting hot at the right time and then the sky is the limit come playoff time.

All this Eagles' love reminds me of the Jets...of 2 weeks ago! The Jets had just beaten the Patriots and the Titans. An all NY Super Bowl was surly guaranteed. Favre was the MVP of the NFL and the Packers were morons for not wanting Favre back. Teammates were oozing compliments about the confidence and leadership that Favre brings to the huddle.

Fast forward to today. The Jets have lost 2 straight, Favre is an old geezer, teammates are bickering about Favre, and Eric Mangini should be fired the second the clock hits zero on the season. Sounds like the Eagles of 2 weeks ago.

My point...enjoy the moment. Don't go worrying about the off-season yet. Enjoy this latest Eagles run. Before you blink it could be all gone.


greg said...

You stated regarding Mcnabb "the QB is setting himself up for a sweet off-season deal" ?? What deal are you referring to? He is under contract with the Eagles for a couple more years. Even if the Eagles wanted to trade him he would have zero say regarding the matter. There is no"sweet offseason deal" to play for. If he continues to play error free football the Eagles will make the playoffs and McNabb should be the starter again next year for the birds.

Anonymous said...

hey greg the poster is right, the money left on McNabb's contract isn't gauranteed. if he plays well McNabb is going to want a new deal where there is gauranteed money. so either the Eagles give him a new deal or his new team will.