Monday, December 29, 2008

Eagles Good Fortune Could Be Your Good Fortune

It wasn't a did happen. The Eagles are in the playoffs. Come next Sunday there will be Eagles' football to watch. Un-freaking-believable!

It is now a whole new season. Sure there are going to be favorites (Giants, Panthers, Titans, and Steelers) as the playoffs open up. But if the events of yesterday have shown us anything, well it's that anything can happen in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders can travel to Tampa Bay and score 17 points in the fourth quarter. The Houston Texans can overcome a 10 point deficit against a Bears team fighting for their playoff lives. The all-mighty NY Giants can enter the playoffs winning only one of their final four games. The Charges can win a division with a record of eight wins and eight loses.

And most importantly, the Eagles can play the type of football that fans and experts knew they were capable of when predicting Playoffs and Super Bowl at the start of the season. Now the question becomes can the Eagles carry this momentum into the playoffs? Can the Eagles remain hot for four more games or will their inconsistent play return? I am definitely hoping for the later of the two!

I say with B-West, McNabb, Cole, and Dawkins leading the way the sky is the limit for this Eagles bunch. My only concern would Reid again moving away from a balanced offensive attack. But if the eagles do fail, well, any games now are bonus games.

Sure my optimism with the Eagles might have some bias but I am not alone in loving boys from Philadelphia.

Despite playing on the road and against the division-winning Vikings, Vegas has the Eagles opening up as 3 point favorites. After yesterday's thrashing of America's team this number actually seems kind of low.

The good news for us regular Joes…Sunday's match-up might be an easy way to make some money to pay off those Christmas bills. I am thinking Sunday would be a great time for some sports betting? Games on Saturday and Sunday…what better way to spend the weekend!

The Vikings can run the ball, but the Eagles defense plays the run extremely well. The Vikings still have shaky QB play and the Eagles different blitz packages can be maddening to an inexperienced QB. The Vikings defense plays the run well, but Reid is a pass happy coach. All signs continue to point to the Eagles easily covering the line. Again, it looks like a great time for some football betting. Put your money where your heart is.

It’s time for playoff football. It’s time for Eagles’ football. It’s time for us to ride the Eagles good fortune and make some good fortune for ourselves. Check out and enjoy the ride!

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