Monday, December 15, 2008

Eagles Should Play Kevin Kolb

That's right, Kolb should play tonight.

I can't see how this game isn't a blowout by halftime. The Browns have zero to play for. The Browns' coach is all but gone following the season. Ken Dorsey is the Browns QB (enough said). Offensively the Browns are ranked near the bottom in all the major statistical categories. Their defense is near the bottom in total and rushing yards allowed per game.

The Eagles jump out to an early lead, maybe play the starters a few snaps in the 3rd quarter and then rest McNabb and Westbrook. Zero chances should be taken in jeopardizing the health of these two. To beat the 'Skins and the 'Boys we need a healthy #5 and #36.

Put Kolb in there to get some more reps. Give us a better look to see if this kid can play. He's gotta need a confidence booster after the Ravens' game. The cure....the Browns.

Eagles 31 Browns 13 (I do fear Josh Cribbs in the return game)

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Anonymous said...

Knowing McNabb's streakiness you dont want to sit him for this game. He has to play at least 3 qtrs to remain "cooked up" for WAS game.