Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Eagles Should Sign...

The 2008 season isn't over yet, but I hear the fat lady warming up her vocals. It's been drilled into our heads, 4-0 and a little bit of help and the Eagles are in the playoffs. It's nice to dream, but the more realistic scenario is the Eagles revamping this offense to assure that the 2009 season isn't a repeat of 2007 and 2008.

The revamping could be accelerated with two big free agent signings. The other pieces, a second OT and a running back to compliment Westbrook can be had in the draft. Please, no trading away first rounders this year.

First off, McNabb has to come back. He is the best QB on the roster and would be better than any free agent option they could bring in. If McNabb doesn't come back my other ideas are pointless as Kolb starting equals Eagles tanking.

The first big free agent signing is OT Jordan Gross of the Carolina Panthers (unrestricted free agent). Gross has been starting for the Panthers since his 2003 rookie season. He is solid in both his pass and run blocking. This past off-season the Panthers used the franchise tag on Gross, so the chances are he should be playing elsewhere in 2009. Make elsewhere the Philadelphia Eagles.

The second free agent signing would be HUGE. Let's add a stud to the WR group. How about T.J. Houshmandzadeh (unrestricted free agent). Would the Bengals allow T.J. to get away or would they at least franchise him for '09? Would T.J. want to continue a career with the hapless Bengals?

Even without Palmer, T.J. is once again on pace to reach a triple-digit total for receptions and also break 1,000 yards for the 3rd straight season. Whatever it takes, the Eagles need to make this one happen. If this option fails, a less flashy alternative at the WR position would be Shaun McDonald (unrestricted free agent) of the Lions. McDonald could be a solid #2 (along with Curtis) if DeSean can assume the #1 role.

Playoffs or no playoffs this season, moves like these need to be made by the Eagles.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you honestly think Shaun McDonald is better than Kevin Curtis?