Friday, December 5, 2008

Eagles: Watch This Kid On Saturday

We will all be glued to the TV at 1pm on Sunday, but Saturday is an opportunity for Eagles' fans to maybe see their TE future on the tube.

Oklahoma vs. Missouri. As a Big-10 and PSU fan the match-up does little for me, but Jermaine Gresham does interest me.

Reid, McNabb...who knows who is coming back next season. But there is no way that anyone thinks that L.J. Smith deserves to make a return appearance on the Eagles roster in 2009. The reasons, well there are too many to list. And I see Celek more as a lifetime back-up, occasional spark, type player.

So why not wish for the Eagles to use maybe their late first round draft pick on an athletic TE that can run, catch, and block. That kid is Gresham from Oklahoma University. The stats are off the chart...50 catches, 806 yards, and 12 TDs...for a TE!

The weather is gonna be cold, so make yourself comfortable on the couch Saturday and Sunday. The kid won't disappoint, though his skills might make you hate L.J. even more come Sunday!

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