Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eagles, Winning, and Plaxico?

You know the rap sheet. Missed practices, team issued suspensions, yelling at coaches, and shooting oneself in the leg with an illegal handgun. As a fan do you care? What is more important to a fan, a player's character or a player's performance.

It would never happen with the Eagles, but let's play "what if" anyway. All signs point to the Giants voiding Plaxico's current contract. If that does happen, Plaxico will become a free agent. Any team that is in need of WR help can bid for his services. Based on his current situation you would think that the price tag would be low and the competition for his services minimal.

Yes there are more pressing needs on this Eagles team, but upgrading the WR position is still a necessity. As a fan why wouldn't you want the Eagles to sign Burress? He is in the upper echelon of WRs. He can single handily win a game for you. Just look at his playoff run last year with the Giants.

Fans are always complaining about how the Eagles need more play makers on offense. Well Burress would definitely fit that mold. And as a fan isn't the most important thing winning? And winning doesn't come easy, you have to take chances...take some risk. Right now no player defines risk better than Plaxico.

And if Plaxico screws up again, what does a fan loose. We would just be back to the current crop of Eagle WRs. The Eagles always have plenty of cap space, so the failed experiment wouldn't break the bank either.

Again I am not encouraging the Eagles to go make a play for Plaxico our downgrading the severity of his recent stupidity. Just gaging if winning is the end all with fans?!?


Anonymous said...

he is going to end up in Dallas or Oakland

greg said...

Plaxico will be made an example by the NYPD. He will be in jail for the next 3.5 years. He will not be playing anytime soon. Perhaps we can sign him in 2013 when he gets out of jail for the league minimum? LMAO.