Monday, December 15, 2008

EnergyFirst’s ProEnergy Whey Protein Powder

Have you been hitting the gym and the weights hard? Unfortunately you still aren't seeing the results? I've been there. The answer? In addition to the workouts, you have to change your diet. More specifically you should start drinking Protein Shakes.

Once I added whey protien shakes into my diet the results quickly followed. I got a nice quality muscle blend, with decent size. I love the way I look and feel. And even better, the women at the bars like the way I look.

I suggest mixing the whey isolate protein powder with water. This is especially good for people who are mid and over sized. For people with a leaner frame, trying mixing the Protein Whey with milk in a blender. My perfect amount is one scoop each pre and post workout.

So for you all workout nuts (and also you health nuts) protein shakes are the way to go.

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