Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Fan's Game - Eagles WIN!

I guess somebody gave Reid a weather report this morning. Either that or someone kept showing him the game film of last week or the 2006 season. The big guy actually relied on the running game to win this crucial, season saving, NFC East battle. 41 running plays to 30 passing plays. The time of possession battle was won easily. It was a play-calling dream come true for Eagles' fans!

As I've been saying all along, as Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles. Sure there is still a lot that needs to happen for the Eagles to get into the playoffs, BUT with a healthy B-West the impossible is not so impossible. Even with "22 eyes" on him, Westbrook turned in another All-Pro performance.

On a supposed down year, B-West is currently leading the NFL in touchdowns (14). Oh yea, the man is also now the Eagles franchise leader in yards from scrimmage. Take the week off B-West, see you at 8pm next Monday night!

Despite B-West's heroics, there were still those moments where you thought this season just wasn't meant to be (but in the end maybe it is?!?). Despite 2 blocked FGs and numerous stupid penalties, the Eagles still managed to thoroughly dominate the G-Men today.

The defense was absolutely spectacular today. They held the mighty Giants' rushing attack to a measly 88 yards (an average of 3.7 yards per attempt), stopped the G-Men on three fourth down attempts, and rendered Manning useless. I have zero doubt in the ability of this D to carry the team through the next 3 games...they are becoming scary good!

And don't forget about the offense either. The offensive was so dominant today that even L.J. put up a huge game (somebody must of told him that there was only 4 games left to earn himself another hefty contract!). The offense converted 12 of 18 3rd down opportunities, the OL dominated after a slow start, McNabb was effective with his arm and legs, and they continually made the G-Men wish that Pierce was also suspended!

Big win today (made even better with a Falcons' loss!). The season still has a chance. The next game still has meaning, which is all that this fan is asking for. Go Steelers and Ravens!

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