Monday, December 1, 2008

Give Me More Eckel

Is Westbrook back to being Westbrook on a full-time basis or will his on-going battle with injuries make last Thursday night a mirage? Will Buckhalter return to the line-up against the Giants? Will Reid again show a commitment to the run this Sunday?

I am hoping for yes, yes, and yes. But when it comes to the Eagles run game it is usually a game time decision with the the plan and the players carrying out the attack. One thing that should be a definite in the run game is the need to keep Kyle Eckel on the active roster and on the field.

Eckel has the hard nosed style that the Eagles run game has been lacking all season. The results from Thursday show that Eckel may be the answer to the team's short yardage woes. You need heart to grind out those yards and Eckel showed he has that heart. No opportunity is taken for granted.

The Eagles have pretty much emptied the playbook and roster in their search for a short yardage answer. Eckel finally answered the call. Why not continue to go to the guy until it fails? Hopefully Reid saw some of the same things we saw in Eckel Thursday night and continues to dress the kid.

Deactivate Booker or Lewis, just get this kid on the field Sunday.

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