Thursday, December 25, 2008

Great Isn't So Great

McNabb on his 2008 season..."I think I've played great."

I would say someone spiked McNabb's egg nog, but the delusions in the franchise began way back in training camp with Mr. Lurie.

So "great" now has the same meaning as "pedal to the metal" in the Eagles' world. It means being satisfied with mediocrity. It means missing the playoffs yet again.

Maybe these 2 boneheads should go consult with Utley and learn what the phrase "World F-ing champions" means.

Thanks Donovan, I am now enjoying my new Rollins jersey, Phillies tickets, and Phillies Champions book a little more now.

Merry Christmas!!!

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colonel said...

Well, Donovan got paid; Reid got paid; Laurie got his money....or should I say, he and Reid and McNabb all got our OUR money. Once again, we the fans got robbed!

The only possible consolation is that at one time, not so very long ago, we were all talking about the Phillies in this way, and they came back and made us proud. Of course, as with the Phillies, some changes must be made starting at the top.

The big fat man has left town for the season, and hopefully, the other one won't be far behind!

God Bless Us Everyone....except, Andy and Donovan and Banner and Laurie and......