Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grow The Reid Scruff

The economy is sunk. Money is tight for everyone. You wanna support the Eagles in their playoff run, but you lack the funds for a plane ticket out to Minnesota or even to buy some new Eagles gear.

The solution...the Andy Reid Scruff. Support the Eagles and what we hope is a long playoff run by growing the beard.

Come on...it will keep you warm in the winter, gives you a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, and the beard is sure to look better on you than the big guy! No money down...it's free!

And to Reid, I hope the beard continues to bring a balanced offensive attack!

So whose with me?!?


colonel said...

Well, at least the scruff balances out Andy's face and makes him look more like a fan, especially when he was waving his arms up and down on the side lines on Sunday! For once he really seemed to be into the game and enjoying himself, maybe even understanding what all us fans were going through.

Actually, though, it really is just a big marketing ploy by Jeff Laurie. He wasn't selling enough Eagles merchandise, so when the playoff, and hopefully even the SuperBowl, run is over, the Eagles pro-shop is going to be stocked with Eagles emblem razors for all the fans to buy and shave their beards.

Maybe as a final act, Reid and Laurie will publically shave each other with the Eagles razors. They just need to be careful, depending on how things turn out, one of them may "accidentally" slit the others throat. See who really Bleeds Eagles Green then!

Anonymous said...

As an Eagles fan, I am currently growing my beard as well (I'm at the itchy phase right now).