Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Healthy McNabb

Some love him, while others hate him. Some want him gone, while others can't imagine the Eagles winning without him. It's hard to think of a player that brings out such mixed, extreme emotions as McNabb.

Regardless of your feelings for #5, the 2008 season has allowed McNabb to prove his doubters wrong. McNabb can stay healthy. McNabb has been under center for every game this season. Such good health has been missing since the 2004 season.

And again putting your feelings aside, you have to admit that when McNabb is healthy, the Eagles have a realistic shot each season to be playoff contenders (and more). The 2008 season is only again proving this statement true.

So for those fans that are quick to get rid of McNabb, are you sure you are ready to go through a season without that feeling that "this could be the season?"

I don't care how many other improvements are made to this offense (OL, TE, WR), if you don't have a McNabb-caliber QB leading the offense the offense and the team aren't going anywhere.

Here's to many more seasons of good health for #5 in Eagles green.

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