Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Called Being a Fan!

Remember the scene in Invincible when Frank and Vince Papale were sitting on the house steps and Frank gives the following line..."That touchdown [ Van Buren] got me through 30 years at that factory. Got me through all those times your mother being sick"

Such a statement couldn't be more true. In the roughest of times (and boy there are sure a lot of them recently) the Eagles are always there to help us escape from reality for a few hours. Whether the Eagles are winning or losing, for those few hours on gameday everything else goes on the back burner. The games are only made better because they are shared with your family and closest friends.

So I get royally ticked when I have to continue to read about people questioning the loyalty of Eagles' fans. These idiots claim that we are nothing more than a bunch of front running buffoons and how we are always so quick to jump on and off the bandwagon. One week we are drinking the green kool-aid and then the next we are bleeding green hate.

Why should a fan be criticized for sharing an opinion, even if that opinion, at times, is in the form of a boo or criticism?

Teams are going to have their highs and lows. The Eagles 2008 season is the perfect example. See the games versus the Bengals, Ravens, Cardinals, and Giants. It's like your favorite roller coaster at Six Flags.

Throughout the highs and the lows we fans are still there supporting the team. We are a knowledgeable bunch so when the performance sucks we have no problem letting everyone know that it sucked.

It's no different that anything else in life. When you feel wronged you voice your opinion. But in the end it doesn't mean that we love our Eagles any less or aren't a true fan. We are only being a FAN!

The criticism of Reid and the team a few weeks back was warranted. We knew that a change in the offensive philosophy was needed. And it was no shocker that when the change was implemented the victories came. I told you we were a knowledgeable bunch.

So please let us enjoy the Eagles late season push towards the playoffs in peace.

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JP said...

Philly fans are easy to pick on because the media has to have something controversial to talk about. Historically, bashing Philly fans is an old stand by. (See media references to Santa: 1968)

As a Philly transplant who has moved into new markets many times, the fact that we openly "bitch" is the differentiator in many instances. Like you said, that is what makes us fans. If we weren't, we'd just go on with our lives when they play poorly or make stupid mistakes. That is what you see happen in Seattle, Dallas, Florida, Carolina, California, etc. Most fans there just jump on for the good times and really don't care when things go south. They just move on with their lives and forget about football until things get better. That is why we are truly the biggest fans there are. We may boo our teams and complain about our players but the fact that we care is what makes us the best in my book. Hands down.

We also don't have "second" teams. In so many places I have lived (LA, Seattle, Tampa), everyone had a "second" team. These are the fallback teams. When the home team is struggling, they fall back on some team they rooted for when they were 10. Not surprisingly, Dallas is the number one "second" team and it has just added to my hatred of that team and fanbase. 99% of the Cowboys fans I have met have never set foot in the State of Texas.

Don't expect the national media to ever say anyting positive about Philly fans. We will always be known for booing our own players. It is as if that never happens anywhere else. I watched the NE fans boo the hell out that team in a preseason game this year. That team has won 3 championships in this decade and almost had a perfect season last year. It was a preseason game and they were booing that team off the field at halftime! I watched Cincy boo the Bengals for tying the Eagles, a team with a much better record. Booing happens everywhere. It is only noteworthy, apparently, when Philly fans do it. So be it. I have learned to tune it out as incompetent broadcasters/writers are at a lull and cannot find anything else to say.