Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey Pierce, Karma's A...

What is that old saying, karma is a what? Maybe we should go ask Antonio Pierce what the answer to the riddle is. Whatever the answer, it sure looked like karma was no friend of A.P. yesterday.

When you break the law by aiding your buddy in stashing an illegal gun, well you gotta expect that you will eventually get what's coming to you. Pierce's punishment was a heavy dose of one Brian Westbrook.

Karma, let's count the ways...
  • A.P. jumped into the wrong hole (when the G-Men had 10 men in the box) on B-West's 30 yard TD run
  • A.P. was toast in his man converge of B-West on the 40 yard TD catch
  • A.P. was flagged for 2 idiot penalties at the end of the first half (pass interference and delay of game)

The lesson of the story. The authorities or the league might not get ya, but B-West will surely make you pay for your sins!

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