Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's Criticize McNabb More

I must be kidding, right?!?

Following yesterday's game, McNabb had the following to say...

"They've thrown me out, ran over me, spit on me, but you know what, I continue to prevail. I kept my chin high, staying positive and making sure that the guys in this locker room understand that if given the opportunity we would take full advantage of it; that last week just wasn't us, and if anything worked in our favor with all these scenarios, I would not let them down."

So it seems that all the McNabb-bashing is fueling the rise of McNabb and the team. My response...hey, whatever gets us 4 more victories.

And as I am coming to learn (probably too late) is that to fully enjoy McNabb you gotta just watch the play on the field. Once the microphones are up, it's better to just hit the mute button or flip the page or channel. You get a QB that is still at the top and you avoid the whoa-is-me victim babble.

Please continue to take advantage of this opportunity Donovan.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously thinking they're going all the way. Seriously. I have a really good feeling about this one. It's going to be epic. And I will 180% be coming to Philly to watch w you and Dad.

Anonymous said...

one game at a time