Monday, December 29, 2008

McNabb & Romo. End of Discussion.

Last night I just kept hitting the replay button on the game highlights...I am still in shock. Yesterday's game goes right up top with some of my greatest Eagles' memories.

Yesterday's game should also end all discussions about Tony Romo being a top QB. Romo is going to get bashed this off-season...and it will be well deserved. The most important job of a QB is to win. What makes you a great QB is your ability to win the big games.

At this point in their respective careers, Romo is probably going to out-stat McNabb. Gaudy numbers look great on the back of the football card, they may even get you a trip to Hawaii. But in the end, who cares if your team crumbles.

McNabb has taken heat all season for failing to deliver in the clutch. At times the criticism was deserved. But when talking about McNabb you have to look at his entire career. It is a career filled with winning, clutch performances, and oh yea some really nice stats too.

Yesterday McNabb looked like the old Big Game McNabb. #5 was showing Romo how it's done. And it's done by delivering big performances in December and January. McNabb is playoff bound. No surprise that Romo is not.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, no doubt McNabb did a stellar job yesterday, but let's not forget our own pro-bowler Dawkins, baby! Those forced fumbles sure helped seal the deal. The last time I checked there's no "McNabb" in "team"! Collaborative effort by the whole team, and a well-deserved playoff spot. Just don't wear your J-Roll jersey on Sunday. :P