Saturday, December 20, 2008

McNabb's 12 Days of Christmas

McNabb...a good man, a top QB, one of Philadelphia's finest. Donovan deserves some good fortune this holiday season....
  1. A real BIG middle finger: For the idiots who booed McNabb on draft day and the idiots who are now calling for the end of McNabb era in Philadelphia
  2. A Vasectomy: No more babies, no more worrying, no more bad stretches of play
  3. A Healthy B-West: As Westbrook goes, so goes the success of McNabb now
  4. NFL Rule Book: What other rules doesn't #5 know about
  5. Time Machine: Let's replay the 2001-2003 seasons, but this time with some real WRs; Let's get along with T.O. following the 2004 season
  6. For Reid to grow a pair: You got something to say, say it to Donovan's face
  7. Make each half 28 minutes long: Less time to struggle in the clutch
  8. T.J. Houshmandzadeh next season - The man is an UFA and why would he want to return to the Bengals
  9. A Hammer - He needs something to break that tunnel vision...not everyone in Philly hates you Donovan
  10. Kolb to be Kolb - Please keep chucking them to the other team
  11. DeMarcus Ware to get hurt this weekend - I wont miss, and Donovan won't miss him on December 28
  12. Speech lessons from Chase Utley - No team is hotter right now, could the Eagles make it back-to-back World F-ing Champions
  13. Bonus: A guaranteed return to the Eagles in 2009 - Ok, this one's for me


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

very funny man!!

Anonymous said...

love the first few...

Kellin said...

I definetly agree with number three. We need a healthy productive B. Westbrook.

Darren Blair said...

Good time to promote new things as Chirstmas is a festival of gifts, so great thinking.