Friday, December 26, 2008

The Meaning Of Christmas - Eagles and Phillies

Take a second look under the Christmas tree.

No doubt if you are a Philadelphia sports fan the number of Phillies' themed presents greatly out number the Eagles' themed presents this year.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

There is one game left in the 2008 season. Then all Eagles' talk will focus on if Reid and McNabb will return for an 11th season with the Eagles. Simple economics should make the answer no for the fat guy and yes for the smiley guy.

The economy is going to hell...and fast. Philly fans have less money to spend supporting their teams. Choices need to be made on which team you will throw your money behind buying tickets and apparel.

Right now all that money is going to the Phillies. And if the Flyers go on to hoist the Lombardi, the Flyers won't be too far behind. The Eagles, well the only thing they are collecting is the disgust of the fan.

Things will only get worse for the Eagles if Reid returns and Kolb is leading the team next year.

Yea the die hards will still bleed the green, but the others, well, who wants to support a team that will fight for 4-5 wins next season. Wouldn't you rather cheer a World Series champ whose core is young and ultra talented?

Eagles' fans have always been quick to characterize Lurie and Banner as obsessed with the dollar. If that is the case, their off-season decisions should be easy.

Fire Reid, bring back McNabb, spend money on the missing pieces, and then hope next holiday season the color of choice is again Eagles' green.

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