Friday, December 12, 2008

The New Andy Reid...Maybe

Well the big guy is still big, but there are some other signs that Andy is becoming a changed man. Benchings throughout the season have shown that Reid is finally learning that he is not perfect. He is seeing his errors and finally correcting them.

Just look. Winston Justice a 2nd round pick has been benched for pretty much the entire season. When he did get a chance to play last week his efforts resulted in Justin Tuck blocking a field goal. I would be shocked if the man ever plays another down for the Eagles.

Then there was the off-season trade for Lorenzo Booker. The trade seemed like a good idea at the onset as Booker was a human joy-stick throughout training camp. Then came the season and Booker has been inactive more than he has been active. With a healthy Buckhalter returning this weekend I wouldn't be surprised to see Booker again inactive. Westbrook, Buckhalter, and Eckel would be my choices.

Then the biggest sign that Reid is fessing up to his mistakes was last week's benching of Reggie Brown. Think about this...Greg Lewis was active, yet Brown was not.

There is no more hiding the fact that Brown will never live up to the high expectations Reid had for him. Another wasted 2nd round pick. But admitting the mistake this season might open up the possibility of the Eagles actually getting a true #1 WR in the off-season. For now, I just hope that Curtis returns to the field this week to keep Brown on the sideline.

Oh yea, there is also the fact that Reid is running the ball. Big changes for the Big Guy...I like them all!

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Anonymous said...

Eagles would want to get Brown on the field in the Browns game if they they want to trade him off-season.