Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Eagles to the Pro Bowl?

The Eagles' buzz is back in full force. There are few teams playing hotter ball than our Iggles. If they could just squeak into the playoffs, well, who knows.

So who are we giving credit to for this late season run to success. Do you give it to the players (McNabb, B-West, Cole) or to the coaches?

Both both parties deserve the credit. And as painful as it may be, we gotta give Big Red some credit. Reid has this team in the playoff hunt with probably zero Pro Bowlers on this seasons roster.

The Pro Bowl roster will be announced this afternoon and there is a great chance that the Eagles are going to be shut out. Think about it...it's difficult to think of a player that earns trip to Hawaii.
  • McNabb: Can he steal a spot from Brees, Warner, or Manning?
  • Westbrook: Injuries give him no real shot. Peterson, Turner, D. Williams, Portis, or Jacobs are the true front runners.
  • Cole: The sack numbers aren't there to beat out Abraham, Tuck, or Peppers
  • Bradley: I think he is still a year away. Right now can you see him being picked over Patrick Willis, Jon Beason, Pierce, or Barrett Ruud?
  • Mikell or Dawkins: Mikell might be the Eagles best shot. But can he beat out Jermaine Phillips or Adrian Wilson?
  • Samuel: His paycheck should mean Pro Bowls every year, but the CB position is always stacked. Samuel might get in, but over which of these guys...Woodson, Winfield, Barber, Lucas, or Gamble?
Sure the recognition for the players would be nice, but all this fan is thinking about is the playoffs! Come on Chargers and Vikings!!

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Anonymous said...

no luck. Only Dawk and Samuel made it as alts.