Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Friend the Tie

The simplest scenario for the Eagles to make the playoffs is the Eagles winning their 3 remaining games and then hoping that the Falcons lose 1 of their 3 remaining games.

Sure this is true, but the Falcons don't necessarily need to lose one of their games for the Eagles to get in the playoffs. Remember the Eagles tie against the Bengals, well a similar outcome for the Falcons (and of course the Eagles win out) and the Eagles are playing January football.

Both the Falcons and the Eagles would be 10-5-1, but the Eagles won the head-to-head match-up. The tie goes to the Eagles because of their W over the Falcons.

So a tie equals a Win for the Eagles this time.

And to continue with the fun, if the Eagles do make the playoffs a first round match-up with either the Cardinals or the Vikings should await. Does anyone fear these teams? Not this fan. A win in the first round means a potential match-up with the Giants (if they beat out the Panthers for the #1 seed). A tough match-up yes, but this past Sunday shows it's not impossible to win. Then maybe an NFC Championship game rematch with the Panthers, but with B-West this time?!?


greg said...

The Eagles can also make the playoffs if Tampa loses 2 of its final three games and gets to 6 losses with the birds winning out.
Even if Atlanta wins out this is true. This site is a lot of fun to project the possible scenarios.

Anonymous said...

If Atlanta wins out they will be 11-5 and Eagles will be 10-5-1. tie wont help here. Atlanta must lose at least one game for Eagles to get in.

greg said...

If the Eagles Win out, the falcons win out and the Bucs lose 2 out of three (giving them 6 losses) then the eagles are in as the 6th seed with the falcons as the 5th seed at 11-5. I am correct on this. Use the site I provided and check it out for yourself. GO Birds!