Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Perfect Ending, A Perfect Weekend!

Eagles' fans deserve this weekend. We have suffered through so many frustrating moments and games this season. But the bad news is taking a backseat this weekend...finally the good news keeps rolling in.

First and most importantly there was the Eagles' victory. Then the Saints battled back to beat the Falcons. It then continued with T.O. yelling at his coordinators to end the Cowboys' losing effort (Happy Birthday T.O., it's always you first, team second in your world!). And now the Ravens are up 14-0 on the 'Skins.

It is the perfect football Sunday. So please all you so-called fans that continue to yap insults and negativity about the Iggles, give it a break for a day.

Sure there is still an uphill battle to reach the playoffs, but there is so much to be excited about today. I am so proud to be wearing my Giants Suck T-Shirt today...though it may be time to switch to the Cowboys suck T-shirt to close out this perfect Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest dog ever!!! And an Eagles fan to boot! Amazing dog!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see that Dog biting piece off Romo's ass in three weeks!