Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Peterson Stats

I am probably too confident right now in the Eagles. I expect a win on Sunday.

If the Eagles do lose on Sunday, most will say it will be because of Adrian Peterson. But I have full confidence in the Eagles D shutting Peterson down. In Jim Johnson I trust. The trust is from the fact that the Eagles have shut down Peterson before in a victory, on the road. And I mean SHUT DOWN....

October 28, 2007
- Peterson: 20 carries only 70 yards
- Peterson: 13 times he was stopped for a gain of 2 yards or less

So shutting down Adrian isn't impossible. The Eagles 2008 D is better than the 2007 version. True the Vikings won't have Holcombe and Bollinger QBing the team this time, but I still view Jackson as more liability then threat.

Again, the X factor for me remains not Adrian Peterson, but Andy Reid and his willingness to remain committed to the run game. Now that is truly something to worry about!

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