Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Play That Saved The Eagles' Season

Of course the play was during the Cowboys game.

Remember when the game was still a game, the score tied 3-3. The Eagles were at the Cowboys' one yard line. It's 2nd down and the play call is a QB sneak. Unsuccessful.

One yard and the Eagles failed...AGAIN!

Such a statement summed up the Eagles 2008 season perfectly. So many time before the Eagles failed to get that one yard, that one foot needed to secure the W. And when the short game fails, panic usually dictats the play calling. The run would be abandoned. The pass or trickery would come out...and they too would fail.

But the Eagles did the unthinkable on 3rd down. They tried the QB sneak again. Holy crap, it worked. Nick Cole gave Donovan the push he needed to break the goal line. The run game worked. The Eagles took the lead, the Eagles' scoreboard then went nuts, and the Eagles were making plans for Minnesota.

In the end, the short yardage game saved the season. We can only hope this lesson will be followed in the playoffs.

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