Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pressure Is Now On The Eagles (Thanks Jeff!)

Well the Eagles got the help that they needed. Tampa Bay lost. If the Eagles win out, they are in the playoffs. It's that simple. Thanks Garcia...Philly still loves ya!

Can they do it, can the Eagles handle the pressure? I think so, but my thoughts don't count in the standings.

Some critics claim that the Eagles are on a roll because the pressure was off them, that they had nothing to lose after the Ravens game. Sure winning 5 straight could be done, but not with this 2008 team.

Then the Eagles started winning. But that only brought about more excuses. First it was going up against a Cardinals team traveling to the East Coast. Any team can beat the Cardinals on the East Coast. Then it was catching the Giants following a week of Burress' distractions. Lastly it was going up a Browns team starting Ken Dorsey. No reason why the Eagles shouldn't win all three.

Well at 4:15 the Eagles can take the next step in silencing the critics. Time to show everyone that they can handle the pressure. Time to bring fear to anyone that would match up against them the rest of the 2008 season.

I think they can do it. Now let's see if they can.

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