Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quick Give Reid a Weather Report

To avoid a Bengals-like debacle, somebody PLEASE hand the big guy a weather report. The weather at Giants stadium tomorrow is calling for winds up to 30 mph.

This is not optimal weather for throwing the pigskin Andy. Please do NOT repeat the Bengals' game plan. RUN the ball Andy. Do not throw it up another 60 times.

And not to be a downer...One of the reasons that fans are predicting an Eagles victory tomorrow is the desperation factor. They Eagles are playing for their playoff lives. The Giants don't have such urgency, a slip-up is OK. Well not really, as a win by the Giants tomorrow locks-up the NFC East title and also secures a first round play-off bye. Sounds equally if not more important to me.

All I can say is PLEASE let Westbrook be Westbrook tomorrow!

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