Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Really Stupid Commnet

I said it yesterday, but it continues. Donovan stop the whining, stop playing the role of a victim. You play in a high profile city at the most high profile NFL position. Some people are bound to not like you. Your recent comments about your harsh treatment is killing this fan's enjoyment of the Eagles' 3 game winning streak and playoff push.

And I am also tired of reading comments from Eagles' fans about how they hope Donovan goes elsewhere and wins himself a championship or two. That will show us unappreciative Eagles' fans.

So I ask those fans, so if Donovan matched up against the Eagles, would you really be cheering for the other team? You would rather the opponent win a title before our Eagles? Do these same fans feel the same way about other ex-Eagles? T.O. was the greatest Eagles' WR in recent history, so by the same logic, are you cheering for the Cowboys on December 28?

Donovan is great, but Eagles football does not begin or end with #5. Yea I'll miss him (especially if Kolb continues throwing TDs to the other team), but I am and will always will be an Eagles fan first. So if Donovan isn't here next year, well I hope Cole or B-Dawk knocks him out.


Lee3000 said...

Well said! I am alternatively proud of and embarrassed by my black #5 Reebok blouse. The guy hangs 400 yards on a team then cries like T.O.! (OK, *no* one cries like T.O.) The race card is for OJ--once--in the NINEties--not McN.

Proxey said...

I'd be one of the people pulling for Mcnabb if he went somewhere else after this year.

There's ZERO reason not to bring him back, throw out any bias people want to have with the man, he has done more with less than the vast majority of QB's in the nfl over the course of his career.

Bad play calling, poor personal desicions have been the issues this year... not Mcnabb. The eagles were a few plays away from being a shoe in for the playoffs instead of this wait and see crap we're forced to deal with.

So what the guy is pissed. Reid basically spit in his face, benching him in a game he should not have been benched in. Yea, he's probably went a little overboard with it, but the sheer amount of crap this guy has had to swallow playing in Philly thoughout his career I'm willing to give him a pass. He's by far the most underappreciated player I can think of since I started watching Philly sports.

I really don't see what the rest of the city sees when it comes to Mcnabb I guess, everybody is in such a rush to get rid of him, people are starting to cry for a rebuild.

Kind of makes me sick as a philly fan tbh, sure the majority of the time people refer to us as a bunch of ignorant idiots and we get a bad rep for a lot of things, but our general sports knowledge usually was never brought into question. We boo people that deserve it, no one that plays in philly is above that(nor should any player, in any city that actually cares about there team)

But too cry to rebuild when it was mid season after a rough patch? Are people high? Get rid of Mcnabb? For who? Kolb? Maybe we can call up detmer again anybody remember that era? Lets rebuild and do it again, gee I can't wait. Lets take a playoff quality team(championship caliber if the front office pulls their head out of their rear) and rebuild it. Mcnabb still has quite a few years left in him, when he's healthy and we're not forced to pass it 80 percent of the game like this is a game of madden he's a top 10 qb, top 3 when he's running a little and is on.

Philadelphia has taken the eagles for granted the past few years, more importantly it has taken Mcnabb for granted.

I agree with basically everything said on this site btw, actually a big fan of it, this mcnabb thing is always such a hot topic though. It would make me sick to see Mcnabb(or dawkins who's contract is winding down this year) in another team's jersey, it would be AI to me all over again. The difference between the AI thing and this is the Eagles are still a VERY quality team if they get their play calling in order and actually go for the right type of players this off season. If the powers that be really get rid of Mcnabb this year(when they have the option to bring him back) I'll cheer for whoever Mcnabb goes too.

As long as they don't play the Eagles:)

(Honestly guys, show the man a little respect)