Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reid Being All Fatherly?

Maybe the fat guy is just too arrogant and can't admit a mistake. Maybe his job was actually in danger and he realized his way wasn't winning anymore. Maybe Reid actually listens to the cries of the media and the fans. Maybe it was as simple as the weather dictating the play calling. Or maybe there is another reason why the run game is only now being relied on.

And maybe that other reason is to protect his players, even at the benefit of of team success. Remember earlier in the year when the Eagles were failing on short yardage and we were all screaming for the QB sneak. Think Chicago Bears game.

The QB sneak seemed so obvious. But Reid refused. The reason was that #5 wasn't fully healthy and Reid didn't want to chance worsening McNabb's chest injury. Could this same logic apply to the use of Westbrook and the run game?

Throughout the entire season Westbrook has been battling injuries. Until these past few games, it seemed like the availability of #36 was always a game time decision.

Could Reid of not been using Westbrook for fear of further injuring his star play maker? And like with McNabb, when Westbrook became healthy (or as healthy as he can get) only then is he used heavily? Could be.

Such a theory shows zero trust in the ability of Buckhalter and Booker. Though with Booker I can understand! So in the end can you fault Reid for being too protective of his players?

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