Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reid The Next Charlie?

The biggest Phillies off-season news so far is a contract extension for Charlie Manuel. Great move, the man deserves the years and the money. But remember a few months back when Philly was bashing Manuel Andy Reid-style?

If the Phillies lost, the media and fans would usually blame Charlie for a dumb strategic move. Charlie was costing the Phillies valuable wins. But then came the wins and Charlie was instantly a genius. His instincts consistently proved right and the Phillies became World Champs. The title is in Philly, the love is gushing for Charlie, and the manager's contract extension is now signed.

Call me an optimist, but could the Eagles and Reid be following a similar blue print this season? The Eagles hit rock bottom against the Ravens. Everyone was questioning Reid's game plans and screaming for his immediate firing. Everything wrong with the 2008 season was Reid's fault.

But then came the Cardinals and the Giants. Two games, two victories. The playoffs are again a real possibility. Reid's December coaching is again being applauded.

So if things follow suit, could the Eagles have a memorable January and February coming? If so everyone will soon be the loving the Eagles' big guy too.

What, the Phillies have spoiled this Philadelphia fan...I now dream big!

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Are you the Man of LaMancha?