Friday, December 5, 2008

Rodgers / Favre Coming To Philly?

I am oddly confident that an Eagles victory against the Giants is coming, but what happens if the gut instinct is wrong? Could the end of the McNabb era be coming instead?

If the Eagles loss on Sunday it would make sense to play Kolb for the season's final 3 games. It would be sad to see McNabb's tenure come to an end, but the 2009 season can't be the first time that Kolb gets extensive time under center. Before missing out on free agent QBs, we gotta see if the kid can play.

And call it another hunch, but I have this feeling that the Favre / Rodgers saga is going to repeat itself in Philadelphia this off-season. McNabb can't match the legendary career of Favre, but he is still the best QB in Eagles' history. He has been the franchise for the past 10 seasons. The man can still play and play at a level higher than Kolb. Sounds like Green Bay to me.

Fans will be questioning and cursing the Eagles front office for not bringing McNabb back. Kolb's every move and pass will be compared to McNabb. McNabb's new team will be constantly compared to the Eagles. God help Kolb if the Eagles play like Rodgers' Packers this season and McNabb's leads a Favre like revival with is new team. Whether it's Kolb's fault or not, he will be blamed for the Eagles' struggles.

So even if the next 4 games of this season fail to live up to our expectations we can at least expect an eventful off-season. And don't forget to savor ever McNabb play this might be our last time seeing great play from an Eagles QB for awhile.

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