Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Run Buck, Rest B-West?

The game against the Bengals taught us all that there are no "sure thing" wins in this 2008 Eagles' season. But the Eagles appear to be on a roll and playing the Browns at the Linc sure looks like an easy W for the Eagles. When compared to the remaining match-ups with the 'Skins and 'Boys, this fan has zero worry about facing the Browns.

So the next question is do the Eagles dare limit the touches of B-West on Monday night? After 39 touches on Sunday, Westbrook is sure to be hurting this week. Why not limit his touches against the Browns and use a rested Buckhalter as the feature back? Let the score dictate the use of Westbrook on Monday.

Allow Westbrook to be in top physical shape going into the season's final 2 NFC East match-ups. To beat the 'Skins the Eagles will need to employ a similar ball control offense. Having Westbrook recovering on a short week is not ideal to carrying out this game plan. Then it's all out in what could be a "play-in" game against the Cowboys.

Or if Buckhalter isn't the answer on Monday night I am sure that Reid will have no issues going back to relying on the passing game. Either way, the Eagles have to be wise with their use of Westbrook over these next 3 games. A shot at the playoffs depends on it!

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Anonymous said...

And, if we have another year-end miracle finish, a week 14 bye for B-West couldn't hurt either.