Saturday, December 27, 2008

Samuel Is A Liar

So I am reading this week's Sports Illustrated and I come across a quote from Asante Samuel regarding his missed interception during last years' Super Bowl. "Nine out of 10 I never miss that play, but one play doesn't make a game."

Well Asante, I think you may have been better served saying 8 out of 10 as I recall another costly missed interception during the Redskins' game last week.

The ball was there, open field was ahead, 6 points was as good as certain.

But I guess $57 million only buys you 4 interceptions a season and not the clutch interception that could have saved another season.

Sure Asante is a stud, a Pro Bowler again. But the man had a chance to step up last week. I might regret saying this, but Lito would have made that big play in the past!

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