Sunday, December 7, 2008

Screw It, Just Win!

It's December. It's a football Sunday. The Eagles' games still matter. There is still that hope that this season can be saved. There is still excitement waking up on a Sunday morning to watch our Iggles. Sundays are still planned around kick-off.

Yea the Eagles might be better served to lose today and miss out on the playoffs again. Then the need for change would be obvious. But you know what, screw it. I want them to win. I am an Eagles fan.

I want today's excitement to continue for a few more games this season. I don't want the rest of December to be meaningless. I don't want to go down to the Linc on Monday night and watch Kolb against the Browns or a meaningless game against the Cowboys to close out the season.

If the Eagles could just win today there is still hope. Every game is like a playoff game now. So let's go Eagles, let's not end this 2008 season yet. And while we are at it, let's go Steelers and Saints!


Anonymous said...

Well the streak is at 2 chirs. just a few more. GO IGGLES

Anonymous said...

WAS gamr is being setup as a trap game. Reid has a chance to prove that he is a championship coach after all. He got talent right now to win it all.