Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Simple, But Hard Question

Question: If Andy Reid is back coaching the Eagles next year, will the Eagles still matter to you? Will you still have that undying Eagles buzz next season?

It's a tough question. If Reid is back, I have little doubt that the mediocrity that defined the 2007 and 2008 seasons will present itself all over again. Fans will all get psyched up for another season. We will then get teased by a small run of success. Heartbreak will then follow.

2009 will be back to the Eagles fighting to secure a playoff spot and to stay above .500. All the bitching about unbalanced play calling, poor game and clock management, and Reid being a cocky jerk will surround the team. We will all end up just as frustrated as we are now.

So it is worth it to give the Eagles, with Andy Reid, our 100% commitment again next season? Or is it better to show floating interest? Instead, giving our Philly passion to the Phillies and the Flyers?


Anonymous said...

No- I seriously think that he needs to go. 180%. The city can't take another season of his stupid bullshit. The recession is going to be very tough on the city and its hard working constituents over the next year (probably longer). Through the inevitable hardships, we need to have a distraction to pin some semblance of hope on- something to help us transcend the realities of everyday life. A 2009 Eagles team energized by a new, worthy coach could be just that. And even if this coach ultimately doesn't deliver a championship, or even a playoff run (I mean, please DON'T let that happen), at the very least he'll be able to deliver the HOPE of these accolades. With Reid at the helm, chances are we'll be without accolades and yet again without hope.

Garretts said...

Wow Chris. What a difference a week makes. Last week you saying that Reid had all the answers and now he needs to go. Be consistent you twit!

Anonymous said...

Garretts. Chris has been very consistent in his criticism of Reid. What are you talking about? Also, who uses the word 'twit'?