Monday, December 8, 2008

Superman Has Returned

Monday mornings aren't truly Monday mornings following an Eagles W. It could just be me, but getting out of bed was a bit easier this morning, reading the paper a bit easier, the drive into work a bit easier, and the overall mood on a frigid Monday morning is quite sunny.

Sure the entire team gets a BIG thank you for this great Monday, but the biggest thanks goes to #36. Following the Bengals and Ravens games, the season was heading towards a disastrous end. Well not so comes our Superman.

Westbrook has saved the 2008 season. After sitting at 5-5-1, Westbrook has dominated the opposition. In the last 2 games, on 64 touches, Westbrook has pounded out 333 yards from scrimmage and 6 touchdowns. These are Tecmo Bowl type numbers!

And forget just being a Pro Bowler, how about some consideration for MVP if this explosiveness continues. And don't forget the man is still playing hurt. So anyone that is still questioning his value or being deserving of his hefty contract extension is an idiot.

So thanks Brian, this Monday kicks-ass! I only wish that Reid would of realized the value of the running game sooner.


Anonymous said...

This season is well past being saved. You are aagain falling for the Reid/McNabb tease.

Mr 215 said...

Hey anonymous this is football...being optimistic is all what most fans have considering the amount of games played...Anyway I like the tecmo bowl reference...GO B. WEST!!!