Friday, December 5, 2008

Talk About Hating McNabb! Wow!

McNabb haters will love these comments from Bernard Hopkins today. But before getting too worked up, consider the source and the fact that Hopkins thinks Garcia and T.O. played together on the Eagles!

"Oh man, lack of performance, lack of heart. I wish the Wizard of Oz would come back out, man, so I could put McNabb in it as the character who needs to see the wizard to get a heart. The thing is this, man: Philadelphia is hungry for — yeah we've got the Phillies — but I mean the Super Bowl year. It's all about character and heart and wanting to win the biggest trophy in football. There is just no urgency of going out on your shield to try and win the biggest prize."

"You look out there and he's throwing up; maybe he had a bad oyster. Is this guy focused and is his head in it? Or is the money already banked and he just doesn't care? The worst personnel move that Philadelphia has made was getting rid of Garcia and getting rid of T.O. I know that T.O. wasn't a church mouse, wasn't an angel, but the chemistry was there for a moment to win. If they listen to me over there in personnel, get McNabb over to Chicago, or whoever will take him, I don't know. But that won't happen as long as Andy Reid is there. They need to get rid of those two cancers for the team to move forward."

Hopkins has always "hated" on McNabb, but this is taking it to the extreme. Hopkins, like many others, will be missing McNabb next year. Watch out Kolb, you'll be next!

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