Friday, December 12, 2008

T.O. Should Be Reggie Brown

Please, enough with the media making every T.O. comment a big headline. The man is an idiot. Was T.O. finally turning on Romo really a big surprise?!?

It's always me-first (love me some me), team second with Owens. A kindergartner is more mature than T.O. His act has become a bad circus act, a cancer to every team he plays for.

My advice, follow the Reggie Clown example. Make Owens irrelevant. Last Sunday's benching showed that the Eagles were finally ready to close the door on Brown. He no longer is a weapon on offense and he isn't the future at the WR position.

Yea I understand the T.O. is too valuable to bench. But something needs to be done. Like Brown, Owens is no longer the focal point of the Cowboys' offense or the future at the WR position. T.O. knows that Witten is the QB's first choice and Roy Williams (stupid trade) was brought in to be the future.

One clown has already found himself on the sidelines, now it's time for the ring leader to take a similar spot.

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