Monday, December 1, 2008

Too Many Opinions

Pre-game shows, post-game shows, highlight shows, it doesn't matter...why do NFL networks feel the need to have so many hosts? The end result is just worsening the quality of the show. Some ex-players just aren't cut out for the anchor or commentator role. It's OK to tell these guys no...they can't be hurting for money after their playing days.

Take any of the big three (Fox, CBS, ESPN)...what is the point of having 4 0r 5 hosts when each of the guys have the same opinion?!? Why not just have 2 or three guys max. The side comments, the bickering, the pointless opinions would all be lessened. And do we really need multiple guys sharing the role of game highlights. Again, it is just painful to watch.

This may only be annoying to this fan, but after watching some of the NBC and CBS shows yesterday I would think it is painfully obvious to all football fans. Sharpe and Marino are just horrible in their reviews and can Costas please keep his comments to himself?!?

But again it could just be me and my Monday after Thanksgiving day blues.

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Anonymous said...

It is simple - it is much difficult to run a clown show with just two guys. You need to have one/two real expert(s) and 3-4 idiots. How many people would watch Sunday NFL countdown if they had just Boomer and Jaws as hosts?