Friday, December 5, 2008

The Unavoidable McNabb Goodbye

When you dare criticize McNabb, fans are quick to label you an idiot and ungrateful. Myself, well I am definitely grateful for all that #5 has done for the Eagles. The majority of my greatest Eagles' memories in some way involve McNabb. I am neither a McNabb "lover" or a McNabb "hater." The man has always gotten my cheers at the Vet and at the Linc. For a few seasons #5 was even my jersey of choice.

But if the Eagles are unable to pull off the upset Sunday against the Giants, I am ready to say goodbye to McNabb. Sure I might regret this next season if Kolb or someone else is stinking up the position, but #5 has run his course in Philadelphia.

The best of McNabb resides in the past. This is true of his statistics, his athleticism, and his ability to lead a winning team. McNabb set the performance bar so high any QB would have difficulty maintaining such a high level of excellence. Throw in age and a poorly built team and it becomes all but impossible.

With or without McNabb this Eagles' team is and will continue to be an average team at best. So a change is needed. The franchise needs it and McNabb needs it.

Four games and the Eagles 2008 season is most likely done. Who knows how many more games until the McNabb era in Philly is done.

Soon we will get to watch who gets their title first, McNabb or the Eagles. Hard and sad to believe that those two things most likely aren't going to happen together.

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