Monday, December 15, 2008

Even Greg Lewis Got Involved

It is good to be an Eagles fan again! Going into the game and during the game this fans biggest worry was figuring out which upcoming opponent has the best shot to knock off the Falcons or the Buccaneers.

In the end the Eagles took care of business tonight. The W was all that really mattered. As it usually is with Monday Night football, the biggest complaint was the mouth of Tony Kornheiser.

The offense was good, but struggled in the red zone. DeSean Jackson broke the rookie receiving mark, but threw a costly red zone interception. Reid showed flashes of his pass happy self, but didn't abandon the run. And oh yea, our #81 looked better than that lying idiot up in Dallas.

The D was again rock solid. Asante Samuel finally made a play worthy of his hefty paycheck. Trent Cole was always. Dawkins continues to look like there is another year left in his aging body. Again I have 100% confidence in this D to carry the Eagles to 2 more victories (at least) this season.

The greatest news from one was injured. Bring on the NFC East. Bring on that Falcons or Bucs loss. And moving forward I am all for going into the locker room after the first 29 minutes of the first half are played!

Randomness...Philly fans, yea we even boo Donte Stallworth! And with the G. Lewis TD we may never see Reggie Brown again (good!)

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Gary Knight said...

They did stick with the run, didn't they? I couldn't believe it when I saw Westbrook had seven carries by the start of the second quarter.