Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Else Did You Expect?

Inches. That was the difference. Not just in this game, but in so many games this season.

Brown stopped at the one. Honestly, I can think of no better play to characterize the 2008 season. So often so close, but close most likely only gets you another season of sitting at home when the playoffs roll around. Who's to blame? Honestly, who cares.

Following the Ravens' game we all thought that the season was over several weeks back. Outside of a few miracles next weekend, the season ends on December 21.

Some may say the recent 3 game win streak was just a tease. You might be right, but this fan, well I enjoyed the extra few games of meaningful football in December.

Oh well. It's now time for my favorite Eagles' saying..."Just wait until next season." In between there are the Flyers and another Phillies' season to look forward too. Or we can just reflect on the past Phillies' season.

Or if you prefer, you can reflect on how much it sucks to be an Eagles' fan sometimes. Oh yea, if it is any consolation, the Eagles do get the Panthers 1st round pick...nevermind!


colonel said...

Do you think that Andy and Jim and Marty were getting ready to go undercover in the Coaches Protection Program with their beards (which might not be a bad idea this upcoming off-season...don't want to show your face in Philly!), or did they think that maybe if they somehow looked different, nobody would notice the same old, tired game plan? They passed something like 65% of the time, when the pass wasn't working. Didn't Andy learn anything from the last 3 wins??

Oh well, "Wait Till Next Year"!

Anonymous said...

Were you even watching the game?

It's not like they intended to come out throwing 65 percent of the time, they'd run and get 2 yards max everytime. They had to throw in sloppy conditions against a very good secondary that knew the pass was coming. Mcnabb was a little off but he made some big throws when it mattered, it's just ashame that they were dropped(suprise, suprise) mix that in with the fact the WR's again barely got any seperation and you have the same old, same old.

They seriously need to look into getting a number 1 WR, this is getting so old.