Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Sunday!!!

I gotta be dreaming or maybe it was all the holiday drinking?!? It's 60+ degrees at the end of December. The Oakland Raiders beat the Buccaneers. The Eagles manhandled the Cowboys. The Eagles are in the playoffs.

What just happened?!?

I'll admit it, I gave up hope. This die hard had the Eagles dead. I was already thinking of ways to avoid watching the games next weekend.

I couldn't be happier to be wrong! Holy shit...the Eagles are going to the playoffs after dominating and embarrassing the Cowboys.

Donovan, Buck, Akers, Dawk, Clemons, Brown all were stars today. The Eagles showed us that teams win the clutch games, not a collection of overpaid-paid me-first babies.

It was the most perfect of games...Reid engaging the fans to cheer louder, J-Roll with Momma McNabb in the stands, Lurie high fiving his wife in the face, Romo and T.O. and JJ so very sad, and now one hell of a Monday morning awaits!

Yea I gave up hope, but that didn't stop me from watching little X's and O's move across the computer screen (yea I gotta get Direct TV) as I monitored the Bucs, Bears, and Vikings game. It also didn't stop me from calling everyone I know as the Raiders made their comeback. It also didn't stop me from taking a shot of Jack with pops as we made plans for next weekend!

Sorry I have no insightful analysis to offer tonight. This fan still can't believe what just happened. The best Christmas gift just arrived a few days late.

The Eagles are in. Anything can happen. The first round match-up looks promising. If THESE Eagles show up...the sky is the limit.

Here's to a few more toasts this year with Dad!


Garretts said...

SEE KLINK,NEVER GIVE UP GUY. This is the year! That's my brother in law coaching that team!

Anonymous said...

Wait...I thought the J-Roll jersey you WORE to the bar this afternoon to watch the EAGLES game was the best Christmas present you got!

Anonymous said...

ha ha. that's very funny joann.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Raiders fan, but I've been rooting for the Eagles all season, so this is way cool. It's hard when you know your team is in a slump. I had been waiting for that Tampa Bay game. I wanted the Raiders to knock them out of the playoffs after the way they beat us in the Super Bowl 6 years ago. Nice to return the favor. A pretty huge request considering the way the Raiders had been playing since that year. But we prevailed, and Eagles prevailed in overcoming this rocky ride to the playoffs. So congrats. I'm sure the Raiders were glad to help. Hopefully now, the Eagles can prove how good we all think they are.....!!