Monday, December 8, 2008

The Wise Man - Mr. Mornhinweg

If you were watching the game yesterday, you saw it. The man holding the play chart was not Andy Reid. Nope, it was Marty Mornhinweg. The praise piled on the coordinators by Reid in his post-game PC was well deserved by Marty.

Marty has gotten (and fairly so) his share of the blame for the season's frustration. But yesterday the man called a brilliant, if not perfect, offensive game. Such balance was reminiscent of his play calling days with the 49ers and the 2006 season when Garcia was the Eagles QB. And ever bigger kudos goes to Marty for not abandoning the run when it initially bombed.

How many of us thought a repeat of the Bengals' game was coming when the first running play went for -5 yards? Even worse, the first 8 rushing plays netted -9 total yards. Based on Reid's own admission that when the run game is not immediately successful he jumps ship, I was sure that another 60 passes were coming.

But no, Marty stuck with a balanced attack. Marty stayed committed to the run. Marty kept the ball in the hands of the teams' only true play maker. Such committment resulted in the run game busting out in the 2nd half and a winning game plan over the mighty G-Men.

The season is still alive.

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