Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Almost Super Bowl Champs

Came across this email today...

This DVD comes jam-packed with the following bonus features:
  • Donovan McNabb's regurgitations in 3-D
  • TO's unedited driveway press conference, complete with abdominal workout
  • A primer on Andy Reid's famous one-liners after yet another devastating big-game loss
  • Lorenzo Booker - Brian Westbrook's Heir Apparent

But wait, if you order now, we'll throw in the Reid and McNabb "Football Fundamentals" series:
- Time management
- The 2-minute drill
- Winning the big game
- What to do 10 years into a 5 year plan
- How to run a balanced offense

But wait - there's more! The first 100 buyers will get a bonus DVD featuring:
- In-depth biographies of the Eagles first round picks in 2007 & 2008
- "Where Are They Now?" - Reno Mahe, Todd Pinkston, and Freddie Mitchell discuss why no other team but the Eagles would have them
- Tales From the Turnstile: The Winston Justice Story
- Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust: A Short History of Kick Returner Jeremy Bloom

We can't run a deal like this all day. But if you promise to tell a friend about this DVD, we'll include 90 minutes of propaganda from the Eagles Minister of Information, Dave Spadaro!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Forget About These Players

As all the Eagles talk shifts toward off-season acquisitions and the draft in hopes of improving the squad, don't go overlooking 2008 draft picks Bryan Smith and Jack Ikegwuonu.

The value of Smith could be stepping in for Jaqua Parker. Parker again was an early season stud, but unfortunately like the '07-08 season, Parker disappeared in the 2nd half of the season. In the Eagles' final 13 games, Parker had .5 sacks. Yikes! In his final 13 games of the '07-'08 season, Parker had 2 sacks in the seasons' final 13 games. Yikes!

Smith was drafted to be a pass rush specialist. Though undersized for a DE, the Eagles are counting on his speed to create havoc off the edge. Abiamiri can play the end on rushing downs and then Smith and Clemons can bring the heat on 3rd down.

The drafting of Ikegwuonu raised a lot of eyebrows last year. The kid had a torn ACL and his 2008 season would be lost. But maybe credit the Eagles for thinking ahead with this former All American.

This off-season Sheppard will likely be shown the exit. Hanson is an UFA and with his recent strong play should be able to secure himself a nice contract and starting role elsewhere. CB, a position of strength and depth in 2008, suddenly becomes week. Ikegwuono could find himself 3rd on the CB depth chart before ever playing a down.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disappointment Equals Negativity

Enough national media. Please stop bashing the Eagles' fan base for occasionally booing or criticizing Donovan McNabb.

Last I checked the Eagles are still without a title since 1960. Last I checked the goal remains to win the Lombardi, not simply make playoff or NFC Championship game appearances. When you fall short of your goals there is going to be some negativity mixed in with the cheers. This is true in every city where sports are played. It is true of everyday life. It is reality people.

Donovan is still greeted by standing ovations each time his name is announced at the Linc. His many accomplishments are praised throughout the city by the fans and the local media. We fans realize that he is the best QB in franchise history. We fans realize that this off-season that there is no better option in free agency, via trade, on the current Eagles' roster, or in the draft then McNabb.

But when the team continues to fall short of bringing a title to this football crazed city there is going to be some anger, some negativity directed at the team and it's star QB. It's deserved because every season since 1960 has ended in disappointment.

It's not until the phrase World F-ing Super Bowl Champions is reality that this QB and this team can claim that the criticism is not deserved. Until then the QB, the team, and the national media should realize how grateful every Eagles' player is to be playing in a city with such die hard and loyal fans.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Terrell Owens...You're Nuts People

Larry Fitzgerald's beat down of the Eagles last weekend has brought out the worst in some Eagles fans. I am actually hearing chatter about how the Eagles would be smart to bring back T.O. if the Cowboys were to release him this off-season.

Come on people...T.O., really?!? For all of his Hall of Fame numbers NEVER overlook the fact that in his 13 seasons, T.O. has won a total of only 4 playoff games. The name of the game is winning people.

The 35 year old, declining T.O. is not the missing piece for these Eagles. T.O. equals divided team and losing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Right Tackle - Is It The Year 2000 Again?

Think back. OK think way back. It's the year 2000 and the Eagles are in need of a Right Tackle to help anchor their OL. The Eagles make a BIG splash in free agency and sign John Runyan.

It's now 9 seasons later and the man has yet to miss a game. But will the streak continue with the Eagles for the '09-'10 season? It's one of the big questions surrounding this Eagles' off-season.

If the answer is no on Runyan, well why not follow the same blue print that brought Runyan to the Eagles in 2000. Make another big free agency splash by signing Jordan Gross of the Carolina Panthers. The man is an UFA and oh yea, a 2008 Pro Bowler too.

Do the Eagles have a shot at Gross? Well logic says since the Panthers slapped the franchise tag on Gross last year he should be available to the highest bidder this off-season. Will the Eagles spend the big bucks? Big Red has always valued the importance of a strong OL.

Gross may not be the pretty pick for the fans. He isn't T.J. or Peppers, but he might be the smartest move of the three. To run you need blocking. To pass you need protection. It all starts up front.

Gross and Andrews. The right side of the OL would be dominant. Even Reid would run the ball behind these two beasts!

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, The Answer?

The flavor of the moment at WR for the Eagles to pick up seems to be T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The man is a UFA, so having to work out a trade package wouldn't be an issue (unlike with getting Boldin in Eagles' green).

I would never shy away from saying that the Eagles don't need help at the WR position, but there are other more pressing needs with this team (OL, TE, RB to name a few).

And if you look at the stats, is T.J. really the answer for the Eagles?
  • Next September he will be 32 years old. The Eagles have rarely been known to favor players 30+ in age.
  • Since the 2004 season (and yes I am aware that Ryan Fitzpatrick was his QB this season) T.J.'s YPC average has decreased each season.
  • Over the past 3 seasons his yards per game average has decreased each season.
  • Only once has he had a season of collecting double digit touchdowns.

    Again, Houshmandzadeh is a nice player, but at this point in his career is he any better than Curtis or Jackson? Does he have a special niche like First Down-Avant? I would say no and no.

    Boldin is the answer at WR, but I strongly doubt the Eagles have enough to land him. This is especially true since the Cowboys raised the trading price for WRs with their idiotic deal for Roy Williams.

    You wanna target a top-level UFA, go after Julius Peppers.

Eagles' Off-Season Wish List

Last Sunday's loss is still a painful topic with this fan, but I guess it's time to move on.

In previous seasons when the Eagles have come up short they have shown some willingness to correct their wrongs. After the Tampa Bay loss they realized the need to get younger, depending less on aging veterans at key positions. After the Carolina loss they realized that they really did have garbage at the WR position. Insert T.O., hello Super Bowl.

What do the Eagles need to do following yet another NFC Championship Game loss? I am thinking...

  • Offensive Line (specifically OT): Runyan and Thomas are too old to be the answer. Unfortunately because of poor drafting at least one of these old guys is coming back next season. Can Andrews or Herremans move to the outside, with Cole or Maxie stepping in as a starter at Guard?
  • Running Back: The NFL way is a two back system. Unfortunately for the Eagles they have difficulty even using one back. To get the most out of the aging Westbrook, the Eagles did a young back to compliment him and also groom for the future.
  • Tight End: L.J. Smith should now finally be gone. Celek showed promise as a receiving TE during the playoffs. Even if Celek is the starter, the Eagles did to bring in a TE whose strength is blocking.
  • Full Back: I love Klecko's heart, but to maximize the running game we need a FB who is a true FB. Someone who is a natural lead blocker for the run game and can also run and catch if called upon.
  • Safety: Mikell is a stud and I would be shocked if Dawkins isn't given a new deal. I am still not yet sold on Demps as the future. Bring in some competition to push Demps.

Calling All Bartenders

Always leave it to the Cowboys to make you feel better about being an Eagles' fan. As always, the Cowboys' talk of reform is only talk...the circus is still open for business!

The latest news out of Dallas is Michael Irvin hosting a reality TV show , with the winner earning a spot on the Cowboys' training camp roster.

So for all you 30 year old bartenders here's your shot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blood Brothers

The power of the almighty dollar I guess.

How disgusting and sad it is to read about Jay McGwire's new book The McGwire Family Secret, a book detailing how brother Jay (a bodybuilder) introduced Mark McGwire to steroids in 1994.

Yea we can all be pretty damn sure that Mark was on the juice when he clobbered all those home runs. He cheated and now he is exiled. But it's sad that family means nothing to Jay. The man turns on his on blood for a chance to make some money on his brother's demise.

Jay's BS reason for writing the book..."Mark is a man I think most would like to forgive because his reason wasn't nefarious — it was for survival. My bringing the truth to surface about Mark is out of love. I want Mark to live in truth to see the light, to come to repentance so he can live in freedom — which is the only way to live. "

The world is in shambles and now family can't even be trusted. It's safe to assume that honesty and decency are not character traits of the McGwire family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Worst Draft Pick

Matt McCoy, Reggie Brown, Kevin Kolb, Jerome McDougle, and Tony Hunt to name just a few. You say bust, I say you are damn right.

Sure all these picks sucked but lucky enough for the Eagles they weren't deadly picks. There was always another player at their position that made their shortcomings not so short.

The same can not be said of the 39th pick in the 2006 draft. Mr. Six Sacks to Osi Umenyiora. The one, the only, Winston Justice. The reason why the Eagles are now screwed.

We keep screaming for the Eagles to run the ball. Look at the aging Runyan and Thomas as the main reasons why the Eagles' rushing attack is mediocre. They are old, their bodies worn down. They no longer have the push or acceleration needed to open holes for the running game. They have become pure pass blocking Tackles.

And guess what, one or both of them are going to be back next season eating away at valuable cap space . There is no back-up plan. That back-up plan was Winston Justice. And with the 21st and 28th picks in this upcoming draft finding a starting tackle is going to be a long-shot.

So we fans can wish all we want for a running game. We can wish even harder for the Eagles to draft a first round RB. But if the Eagles weren't going to use a RB (Buckhalter) that averaged 4.9 yards per carry and 12.5 yards per reception, they aren't going to use a rookie RB (who will also be a blocking liability).

Thanks Winston for sucking!

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The reviews again highlight the car's new look, it's smooth ride, and the many safety features. The one possible drawback of the Vibe is a lackluster acceleration in the base model with automatic. But with a good deal the buyer can upgrade from the base package and eliminate this drawback.

Control The Hate

The popular thing to do this week is to bash the Eagles. All of a sudden the season was a waste and a colossal disappointment. We are back to trading the QB and firing the coach.

But as we continue to rant about how the Eagles need more offensive weapons, how the coach can't game plan, or how the QB can't deliver, don't go overlooking the fact that the Eagles just scored a franchise record 416 points this season.

You don't score 416 points without some decent weapons already in place. So ease up on the hate, take a deep breath, and realize that the Eagles again aren't that far away from maintaining and improving on this season's success.

And if they don't, well the Phillies seem to be doing everything possible to defend their title!

One Fan's Pledge

I am probably just a sore loser. Maybe I have difficulty facing the facts. But I refuse to read, listen to, or watch anything covering the Super Bowl.

If I see anything related to the Cardinals I flip the page, turn the channel, or click to another website. This fan still can't believe that the freaking Cardinals are going to Tampa.

So it is day 3 with no ESPN...which is actually a good thing!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Same is Good, Right?

Maybe I've finally fallen prey to the Lurie and Banner rhetoric, but I honestly believe you only need a few more pieces to again be a contender next season. Winning it all, well after the Cardinals game I am no longer guaranteeing anything!

The Cardinals' game was an admiration. The Eagles Defense is dangerously good. You don't get a #3 ranking if you aren't. They had a bad game, be it, at the worst possible time.

My one addition (and it's a BIG one) would be Julius Peppers. The man is an UFA and the latest reports have him wanting out of Carolina. He is still young, still dominant, and would allow the Eagles to generate consistent pressure without the blitz (something that was missing in the playoffs).

The offense, well unless all you McNabb haters can give me a better alternative, #5 is back under center. The upgrades are needed along the OL and at RB. For the OL I say bring back Runyan on a short-term deal, move Todd Heremans out to tackle, and your two guards are Andrews and Cole. I am sorry, with the 21st and 28th picks in this years draft you aren't going to find a starting caliber tackle.

At running back, the team needs a big, YOUNG back to compliment B-West (say goodbye Buck). This can be had with one of their two 1st round picks. From the group of Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State’s Chris Wells, and Pitt’s LeSean McCoy, someone has to be available.

Pedal to the metal...right?!?

Calling Them Out

It's true that the Eagles defense was the main culprit for Sunday's loss, but for Donovan to publicly admit it, well that's just wrong.

"You know to go up and put yourself in position to win and you're sitting on the sidelines just awaiting that opportunity, and team's just eating clock up, trying to keep you off the field, and we've been a part of that five or six times since I've been here, and seen it so many times, that they've tried to keep our offense off the field and just be successful running the ball," McNabb said.

Hey Donovan, without the D there probably would not have been an NFC Championship game. The Offense wasn't exactly lights out in the games against the Vikings and Giants!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Money Does Buy Happiness

As a fan we suffer, as a player, well it's all smiles...

Fool me once….Fool me twice…..

By Colonel: How does that saying go…”fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me ten times, I’m an Eagles fan”! Well, I added the last part.

Anyway, like just about everyone else, including maybe even one afternoon sports-talker, Joe Banner and Jeffrey Laurie, before Thanksgiving I was ready to personally drive Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb out of town. I would have even helped them with their packing, and delivered them and their bags right to the door of their new homes. Then, magically, Thanksgiving and the wipe out of the Cardinals (oh boy), and the subsequent winning streak, and I was on my computer on MapQuest, mapping out the route to take them both to the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. (Does Route 80 go straight through to Canton?)

Well, of course, I was fooled again. Now I’m back checking the oil and the tires on my car in preparation for that drive out of town again. When am I going to learn? When are all of the Eagles fans going to learn?

Just like before Thanksgiving, it is time for a change. It is time for a real change. Unfortunately, now, as a result of the somewhat magical success of the Eagles between Thanksgiving and the day before yesterday, it’s probably going to be harder to convince the powers that be (Banner and Laurie) to make that change. We’re going to hear and they are going to hear, and maybe even say, that we are soooo close that we only need a few tweaks. Stop it! We’ve been hearing that since 2005!

Change is needed starting right at the top. Andy Reid is a good coach. There is no question about it. He has compiled a winning record in Philly. He has taken the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship Games and 1 SuperBowl. Unfortunately, he has also lost 4 of those NFC Championship Games and the 1 SuperBowl, but it is still a good record. The same can of course be said about his partner, Donovan McNabb. He is a good QuarterBack. But, I think they have both taken the Eagles as far as they can take the team at this point.

No matter what Andy may say, or Banner or Laurie may say, there is not going to be any real change under Andy and Donovan. Oh, yes, Andy has changed his game plan a little and is running a little more, and Donovan still has some explosive moments when he pulls an amazing play or even part of a game out of his helmet. Underneath it all, however, Andy is still Andy with his questionable play calling, time management and personnel choices. We are already questioning his choice for our next QuarterBack. Donovan, too, is, and has always been, inconsistent. You are never sure on any given Sunday, which McNabb is going to show up and for how long.

It is time for a change. No matter how painful, it is time to start rebuilding this team for the future. That change, that rebuilding, cannot be done with the current leadership, because the current leadership still has the old plans and ideas that haven’t gotten the team to a SuperBowl Championship.

Yep, It Still Hurts

I guess we now know the answer.

Would the Phillies winning the World Series (and ending the the city's long title drought) make losses by the city's other teams any less painful? The answer does not.

Yesterday's loss hurt as much, if not more, than the Eagles' other championship game losses. For this fan it is painful to watch highlight shows, read the sports section, listen to the radio shows, or talk about the game today.

And it sucks even worse that we fans care more than the smiling Samuel and the chest-bumping Buckhalter!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring Out The Razors

For the beard of course!

I guess the Cardinals were legit and this fan jumped the gun on a trip to Tampa. Credit goes to the Cardinals for showing up from the start today. When they needed a play their D and O delivered. Kurt Warner secured his spot in Canton with his final drive...congratulations.

The Eagles...yea we have been down this road before, but it doesn't make today's loss hurt any less. So many people had a hand in this loss. But before we start pointing fingers let's not forget how enjoyable this ride has been. The season could have been over in Week 16.

The off season should be an interesting one. My only hope is that the Eagles don't continue to think that only some minor changes are needed. A complete over haul is not needed, but there are definitely more than a few areas to upgrade.

This unexpected ride was fun, even if today SUCKS!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's January 23, 2005 All Over Again

And most importantly the ending is going to be the same.

I remember being in the Linc that January day. I was also there for the games against the Bucs (ok, I was at the Vet for that one) and Panthers. On January 23, 2005 the past didn't matter. I was confident that the night would end Super.

Despite the presence of Vick, the Falcons were no match for the Eagles (even if Fred-Ex was the the #1 WR target). McNabb was hot and the Defense was dominant. The QB and D finished the game the same way. 2 TDs and 32 yards rushing. The Falcons shut out in the second half.

It's now January 18, 2009. I am confident that the evening will again have that Super feeling. McNabb will again prove to be the better QB and the D will outshine even the 2005 unit.

2009 is not 2002, 2003, or 2004. It's 2005. Enjoy the game...enjoy the celebration!

Eagles 27 Cardinals 10

24 Hours To Go....

The Secret Runner

Keep an eye this this come Sunday...

I caught the replay of the Cards - Eagles Thanksgiving Game last night on the NFL Network. Nothing like a good ass-whooping and a cold one to end a crappy week of work.

Something that might have gotten lost in the many game highlights is the space that McNabb had to run against the Cardinals. The yards were everywhere. McNabb's final stat line might not have truly shown the Cardinals' weakness, 4 carries for 24 yards...but trust me the space was there.

All throughout the game McNabb was able to avoid pressure and when he did take off he gained decent chunks to keep the chains moving. The legs of McNabb could provide a spark to a running attack that has been M.I.A. these past 2 weekends. (I see the Super Bowl as the break-out game for B-West...the extra week off will do wonders for his injuries)

It's a Championship game. Screw wanting to prove you are a true pocket passer. Take the yards, do whatever it takes to win. Run, Donovan, Run.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Winning Is The Cure All

Go back to Week 16, say about 7:30ish pm. We all had Reid's ass out the door. The man was a buffoon after squandering away the team's playoff destiny. A 10-3 stinker.

Today we hear that Jon Gruden has gotten the ax. Our old buddy Chucky on the unemployment line. Gruden would have been the perfect candidate for fans to push as the next Eagles' coach. Super Bowl winner, with a Philadelphia coaching background. Perfect choice.

But a funny thing happened. The Eagles started winning and now sit one victory from the Super Bowl. Deservedly so, Reid isn't going anywhere. Year 11 is a sure thing...hell maybe even another contract extension awaits the Bearded One if the Lombardi comes to Philly.

The coaching cure all...just win baby.

Bad Omen For the Eagles?

So the DUUUUUCE has been selected as the Eagles' honorary captain for this weekend's coin toss. My initial reaction was perfect choice.

But then I rubbed a hand on my face, felt the superstitious Andy Reid beard, and I instantly thought bad omen with Duce Staley.

Why have anything that conjures memories of the 2003 NFC Championship Game associated with this season's squad.

The 2003 title was to be a sure thing (like we are also feeling entering this Sunday). We were going to close out the Vet with a bang. We didn't and I am still seeing Blaine Bishop and Joe Jurevicius in my nightmares.

Let's not ruin 2009 with anything 2003. Just make B-Dawk the captain...Do It For Dawkins!

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It Only Gets Better

Isn't this ride more enjoyable than the last?

I remember the 2004-'05 team. The team was dominant. The team was so good that no one had to play the final 2 regular season games. The playoffs were a joke...wins over lackluster opponents, the Vikings and the Falcons. Chad Lewis and Fred-Ex were offensive stars. The D never got enough credit for their dominance. The Super Bowl...well, why ruin a good moment here by bringing that up.

I guess what I am saying is that in '04-'05 we all expected the Eagles to win. When you are the best anything less than a Super Bowl berth is a colossal disappointment. So minus the no home playoff games at the Linc this season, this fan is actually enjoying this seasons' playoff run even more.

No one (and I mean NO ONE) expected the Eagles to be playing this weekend. The season was over so many times before...Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Washington, to name just a few. But in the end it was never really over.

Eagles' fans will never forget the performances of Andre Johnson, Michael Bush, and Tony Romo on that Week 17 Sunday. The excitement started at 1pm that day and carried all the way through the clock hitting zero on the Eagles game. The Eagles were actually going to the playoffs. Holy shit!

Next up, the task of having to win 3 road games to secure a playoff trip to Tampa after winning only 3 road games the entire season. Can the Eagles really be the '08 version of the '07 Cowboys? Break out the playoff beards cause Philly is going for the impossible.

Mission 1 was shutting down the NFL's top running back while trying to muster a run game against the leagues' top run defense. No problem, let's give Peterson one highlight reel TD run and then build up the suspense until breaking it open with a screen pass for 71 yards and a TD.

Deep down we all expected the Eagles to beat the Vikings. But having to beat the defending champs on their turf for the 2nd time in a little over a month, not very confident. But is anything really impossible with this Eagles' team. The game is your typical NFC East battle, but of course the last team standing is again the Eagles. Dominant D, a clutch QB, and some damn good coaching equals a trip to Arizona.

Now we wait, a bit over 2 days left. Regardless of the franchises' history we sit confident that a trip to Tampa is our destiny. And why shouldn't we believe? I learned my lesson earlier this season...don't doubt this team.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Even Worry...We Are Going To Tampa

Screw the fair and balanced view of this weekend's game.

It's time to bring out the man who bleeds the green, drinks the green kool-aid by the gallons, and sports an Andy Reid Beard as if it actually looks good.

I am tired of these national experts and their predictions of a Cardinals' victory on Sunday. Face it, it ain't just won't. Time to print the Eagles' NFC Championship gear. Time to get all shit-faced in celebration on Sunday.

Really people, the Cardinals?!? The team that won a division by being the only team in the division with a winning record. The team that got beat down on Thanksgiving day because they had too much turkey in their stomachs. The team that flat out quit on their way to being routed 47-7 by the Patriots.

And save me the Larry Fitzgerald talk too. The guy had 2 TDs on Thanksgiving and the Eagles still whooped that ass. A healthy Boldin...wasn't he also healthy on Thanksgiving. A resurrected Cardinals' defense, please you faced a rookie QB and god-awful Jake Delhomme.

Home field advantage at the Jiffy Pop Stadium. Uh, don't think so. Not when you have to request 2 extensions from the NFL to sell out a Wild Card playoff game. The team gets hot and hosts the NFC Championship Game and all of a sudden everyone becomes a Cardinals fan. The term bandwagon is too nice a term for these fans.

And if all the rah rah Cardinals' talk this week leading up to the game wasn't bad enough, Sunday brings 3 more hours of Joe Buck and his ass kissing of anything not Philadelphia.

Book the plane tickets, make the hotel reservations, and start searching for Super Bowl Tickets...the Eagles are going to Tampa!

The Second Time Around For the Eagles' Defense

We know the Eagles Defense is good...#3 in the NFL good. And when they have matched-up against the same QB more than once this season the Defense has only gotten better.

Maybe these stats are meaningless, but it can't be a coincidence that when the Eagles match-up against the same QB for the second time this season, the stat line for the opposing QB gets worse...

- Game 1 Romo: 21/30, 312 yards, 3 TDs, 1 interception
- Game 2 Romo: 21/29, 183 yards, 0 TDs, 1 interception

- Game 1 Manning: 17/31, 191 yards, 2 TDs, 1 interception
- Game 2 Manning: 13/27, 123 yards, 1 TD, 0 interceptions

- Game 1 Campbell: 16/29, 176 yards, 0 TDs, 0 interceptions
- Game 2 Campbell: 18/33. 144 yards, 0 TDs, 0 interceptions

In the second game each of the QBs have thrown for a lower completion percentage, fewer yards, and fewer TDs (0 is the lowest Campbell could go).

The stat line for Warners' first game against the Eagles D this season: 21/39, 235 yards, 3 TDs, and 3 interceptions. History would say that a clunker awaits Warner this Sunday!

What Else Ya Got Sal Pal

The hot news yesterday from Paolantonio was that B-West had supposedly reinjured or tweaked his knee during the Giants' game. You know what, who cares. The difference maker this weekend will continue to be the Eagles D.

They always say Defense wins championships and last I checked, the next game is called the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP. Time to prove the old adage right.

And why would we expect anything less than dominance with this unit. Over the past 7 games the D has held opponents to an average of 260 yards and 12 points, while forcing 16 turnovers. No doubt if you looked up dominance in Websters Dictionary, a picture of B-Dawk would be there.

So save your injury reports on Westbrook, Avant, Runyan, and Buckhalter. The O will be good enough to capitalize on the turnovers that the D is going to force old-man Warner into making.

- The Axman was on 610 WIP this morning...of course the morning crew found it more important to talk about a fat guy stuffing his face with jelly doughnuts then to get some meaningful insight from Trotter

- What is Donovan worth if Eli is in line for a 100+ million dollar deal

- And from the case of the obvious....Speaking of superstitions, coach Andy Reid was asked yesterday whether he had any. "I'm not superstitious at all," he said. "I eat."

- Time for the Eagles to make some history...per a stat from Mikey Miss, teams that have beaten the defending Super Bowl Champs in the playoffs are 0-9 the next week.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shawn Andrews, Just One of Us

From this weeks; SI (could another SI Championship package be in Philadelphia's future so soon?)...

As the weeks passed and the Eagles recovered from their midseason struggles, Andrews began to envision a different parade. He changed the color theme from red to green. He replaced Charlie Manuel with Andy Reid and swapped in Donovan McNabb for Ryan Howard.

Sounds exactly what this fan is thinking. And be honest, how many others are already picturing another parade down Broad Street.

Yea, it might be premature and wrong, but this fan has already looked past Arizona. Baltimore or Pittsburgh may be tough, but in the end it's just the Eagles' destiny to win that silver trophy this season.

And why not go all in. Why be apprehensive about the match-ups. Enjoy the run, enjoy the team, enjoy the stars. We've already experienced the Tampa Bay and Carolina heart breaks in our house. How can a road loss on house money be any worse.

Dream big.

Start picturing how you are going to celebrate. Start putting money aside for all the Super Bowl Champion memorabilia and apparel you are going to buy. Start planning that day off for another parade down Broad Street (also hope that SEPTA has learned how to handle the celebration).

What Running Game?

I have never been called a math whiz, but even I know that this idea of the Cardinals discovering this top-notch running game in the playoffs is a crock of...

The media and so-called experts may lie, but the numbers don't.
  • 2008 regular season: Cardinals finished last in the NFL with an average of 73.6 rushing yards per game. The also had a 3.3 yards per carry average.
  • Wild Card Weekend: Against the 25th ranked run defense of the Falcons, the Cardinals had 86 rushing yards on 28 carries. This is a pathetic 3.01 yards per carry average.
  • Divisional Round: Against the 20th ranked run defense of the Panthers, the Cardinals had 145 rushing yards on 43 carries. Again a pathetic 3.37 yards per carry average.

So in 2 playoff games the Cardinals are averaging 3.25 yards per carry against mediocre run defenses. Nothing impressive there. I wish them luck against this Eagles' defense.

2008-09 Version Better Than 2004-05?

It is really difficult not to overlook the Cardinals and begin thinking about a trip to Tampa. So for the fun of it let's assume that the Eagles do win the NFC Championship this weekend.

When you look at this years' roster compared to the 04-05 team, it's not hard to make the argument that this years' squad might actually be better.

2004 -05 Offense
  • QB: Jeff Blake, Koy Detmer, Donovan McNabb
  • RB: Dorsey Levens, Reno Mahe, Eric McCoo, Josh Parry, Brian Westbrook
  • WR: Greg Lewis, Billy McMullen, Freddie Mitchell, Terrell Owens, Todd Pinkston
  • TE: Mike Bartrum, Chad Lewis, L.J. Smith
  • OL: Alonzo Ephraim, Hank Fraley, Ian Allen, Trey Darilek, Artis Hicks, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, Jermane Mayberry, Steve Sciullo

My thinking is that the only position that the '04 squad might be better is at RB because of the injuries that B-West has racked up this season. But even at RB I would rather have Buck in place of any of the '04 RB reserves.

And yea T.O. was a stud #1 WR, but in it's entirity this years' WR group is equal to if not better than the '04 WRs.

2004-05 Defense

  • DE: Derrick Burgess, Hugh Douglas, Jamaal Green, Jevon Kearse, Jerome McDougle
  • DT: Paul Grasmanis, Sam Rayburn, Corey Simon, Hollis Thomas, Darwin Walker
  • LB: Keith Adams, Dhani Jones, Mike Labinjo, Ike Reese, Mark Simoneau, Jeremiah Trotter, Nate Wayne
  • CB: Sheldon Brown, Roderick Hood, Lito Sheppard, Matt Ware, Dexter Wynn
  • S: Brian Dawkins, Michael Lewis, Quintin Mikell, J.R. Reed

With the Defense the only upper hand that the '04 squad had was a younger Dawkins. This years' team is superior as a group at the DL, LB, and CB positions.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Ya Got - McNabb or Manning?

Arizona topic, please.

What a turnaround indeed. From being benched to now being discussed as a potential Hall of Famer. Yep, the question of the week has become...Is Donovan McNabb a HOFer?

Well to even have the argument you have to assume that the Eagles close this season out by hoisting the Lombardi in Tampa Bay on February 1. If they don't, bye, bye argument. But if they do, well we might have something here.

And even weirder, one could possibly (I said possibly) argue that McNabb might be more worthy than Payton Manning of enshrinement into Canton. That's right, a Super Bowl victory could displace Manning as the #2 quarterback of this era. Sorry, no one is unseating Mr. Brady.

Donovan stats are good, but compared to Manning...well why even compare them. Manning wins every time. But the argument for McNabb centers on playoff performance. The true defining of a QB is their playoff and Super Bowl record.

So a quick look at the stats and McNabb wins the comparison going away (again this is assuming there are 2 more Ws for McNabb this season).
  • Manning: 15 playoff games, 7-8 record, 25 total TDs, 17 interceptions
  • McNabb: 14 playoff games, 9-5 record, 24 total TDs, 15 interceptions

That win / loss record goes to 11 - 5 with a Super Bowl win this season.

Oh yea, in the 9 seasons that Manning has made the playoffs, 6 times he lost in his opening round. In contrast, McNabb has made the playoffs in six different seasons, boasting a record of 6-0 in his opening round match-ups.

Yea the idea of McNabb and HOF might seem far-fetched...but with a ring, 2-3 more 3,500 - 4,000 passing seasons and his spot is all but guaranteed.

Next question, who thinks Reid is a HOFer?!?

Who Is This Guy?

First it was running the ball. Then it was the scruffy beard and cracking jokes at press conferences. And we can't forget the fans and media actually giving the man some praise. Now we get this...

What has happened to our Coach Reid? What's next, the Big Guy on a float down Broad Street?!?


The NFC East - No Problem

The Reid and McNabb bashers (oh where have you gone?!?) used to credit the Eagles run to 4 consecutive NFC Championship Games to a weak NFC East. Earlier this decade the NFC East was at it's weakest, thus always giving the Eagles an easy road to the playoffs.

The teams were mediocre and the opposing coaches even worse. But once the Beast (Coughlin, Parcells, Gibbs) returned to the East the Eagles supposedly crumbled. Well not supposedly, they actually did. In 2005 the Eagles went 0-6 in their division. In 2007 they went 2-4. And even this season the Eagles managed only 2 regular season wins. (Garcia, not McNabb, was leading the 2006 success)

The fact that the Eagles are now beating up on their NFC East rivals on this miraculous run has seemed to silence all of the critics (for now at least). The Eagles have taken 2 straight from the G-Men (at their place) and we can never forget the 44-6 beat down of the Cowboys in Week 17.

So another criticism of Reid and McNabb is flushed away. Shall we make the inability to win it all the next to go?!?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lito Can't Do The Math

Maybe the issue with Sheppard's contract is that he doesn't understand what all the numbers mean. A little arithmetic lesson and all the complaints might just go away. Hey after yesterday's comment, it just might be the case.

"One more!" yelled Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard as he walked into the visitors locker room after the game.

"Two more, Lito," a reporter said.

"Oh, yeah," said Sheppard.


Loving the New York Media

It has been over 24 hours, yet I am still as excited as when Donovan picked up the phone yesterday. The perfect way to end my day was picking up a NY Daily News on the way home and reading the following headlines...
  • Big Blue Gets Bird-Bombed
  • Cold Reality Clubs Giants
  • A Bird Bath for 'D'
  • Put Last Year in the Past as Eagles Rain on Parade
  • Tom Coughs up His Magic Touch
  • Laid-back Eli is far from Super

Yea the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl are the bigger games, but beating the Cowboys and Giants (twice) on the road to the title is pretty sweet in itself!

Reid Got Benched in Washington

We keep hearing and will continue to hear about McNabb being benched in the Ravens' game (how ironic would it be to play the Ravens in the Super Bowl allowing the benching to come full circle).

People point to the benching as a big reason for McNabb's revival this season. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. But something happened that day. The Eagles are 5-1 since, McNabb is again being mentioned among the games' top QBs, and the Eagles are 1 win away from the Super Bowl.

I believe that the Redskins game (week 16) was Reids' McNabb-Ravens game. In that game Reid (and Marty) called an offensive game plan of 46 passes and only 16 rushes. The balanced offensive attack that was discovered in the prior 3 weeks was abandoned. Of course the result was a L for the Eagles.

But since then Reid has continued to stay with the run, even if it's working to the tune of about 2 ypc. Reid learned that balance is the key. You can still count on the pass to win the games, but keep the defenses honest, allow the middle of the field to be opened up for your receivers. Running only makes the passing game better.


Not Just In Philly

It's the norm people. If you play like crap you are going to get ripped by the fans and media. If you get out coached, well you too are going to get torn a new one. Such is life in the NFL. Such is life everywhere in the NFL, not just in Philadelphia.

I hope everyone is paying attention to what is going on in NY today. The 2007-08 Super Bowl champs are getting torn apart for yesterday's performance by the local fans and media. The Lombardi was nice last year, but come on, what have you done for us lately expect lose 4 of your last 5 games.

I bring this up to again prove the point that Philadelphia and Philadelphia fans are the norm. We should not have been bashed this last month because we were critical of Donovan's play or Reid's coaching earlier in the year. Things were wrong and we had every right to voice our displeasure. It comes with being a fan.


The Bandwagon Is Never Too Full

Brandon Jacobs, I couldn't agree with you more..."I don't think there's anybody else out there that's gonna beat 'em."

The Game Savers

We will remember the final score, 23 - 11. We will remember the McNabb QB sneak for a TD and the back of the end zone TD catch by Celek. It was too funny not to remember the McNabb phone call. The two 4th down stops brought make memories of Dallas and Emmitt Smith.

But possibly even more important than all of these plays were the plays or points that weren't made...points that weren't scored by the Giants.

The opening kick-off is taken by Bradshaw to the Eagles 35 yard line. Without David Akers pushing Bradshaw out of bounds the game could of been 7-0 less than a minute into the game.

It's the Eagles first drive of the second half and the Eagles are leading 10-8. McNabb drops back and the pass is deflected and then intercepted by Fred Robbins. The big man looks to be on his way to 6 points. But a Curtis trip up prevents the TD and the Giants from running away with momentum.

As they always say, sometimes the box score doesn't capture it all.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If Joe Buck Wasn't Bad Enough

I guess Fox thinks the weather and Verizon guys are more important than Playoff Football...

And Troy, calm the hell down with your "You know, sometimes I don't know what runs through that guy's head" comment...

New York - A Land of Make Believe

Gary Myers say hello to Steve Serby. Serby is responsible for the following NY Post headline, Philly Has Snowball's Chance in Hell.

Egg in your face doesn't even begin to describe this. The city that is home to a football team whose 2008 season will best be remembered for a WR shooting themselves in the foot sure are a cocky bunch. Has the idiocy of Carlos Beltran taught you guys nothing up there?!?

One of the best parts of today is the way the Eagles responded to adversity. The Giants return the opening kick-off to the Eagles' 35. No problem, the D holds the Giants to 3 points.

The Giants D is finally able to get to McNabb and force a safety. No problem, the D holds the Giants to 0 points on the next possession.

The Giants D eliminates any momentum from the Demps 2nd half opening 46 yard kick-off return by picking off McNabb. The Giants Offense starts the drive at the Eagles 33. No problem, the Eagles D holds the Giants to 3 points.

So many times the game could of been lost. So many times the Eagles stepped up and played like a champion.

In Philadelphia we are about reality and winning big games this season. NY, well they live in a land of make believe. This includes you too Mr. Lupica, I saw your comments on ESPN this morning.

Bring on the Cards; Gary Myers is an Idiot

I recall reading the following headline by Gary Myers in the NY Daily News this week, "Believe me, Eagles won't beat the Giants on Sunday." I am probably sure Myers also predicted the Mets to win the NL East the past two season too.

What a game. It wasn't perfect, but in the end it sure felt that way. A team of destiny? Well all signs keep pointing to YES they are. But luck had nothing to do with today's victory. A total team effort brought home the W today.

Eli or McNabb? With no Burress to save him, the obvious answer is McNabb going away. The Eagles D shut down the Giants rushing attack enough to put the game in the hands of Eli. The result was 2 picks and an all-around crap game. Eli Manning is a 2008 Pro Bowler...lets check those votes again please.

Donovan, well make sure you have a pen handy cause you have just assured yourself a new contract. Yea there were 2 turnovers, but in the clutch McNabb was well, clutch. His play of the game was avoiding Tuck in the 3rd quarter and hitting Avant for 21 yards on a 3rd down and 20 from deep inside their own end. Plays like that are what makes McNabb special.

The OL again held the Spags (Spags is good, but he is not better than his mentor) lead D again sackless. 3 games, 0 sacks. What a difference keeping Winston Justice on the bench can do for a team. The WRs were their usual consistent selves. 7 different players caught passes, with the rookie (in experience only) leading the way with a clutch 4th quarter catch and 81 yards.

Oh yea, the Eagles' offense was 7/14 on third down, while the Giants were only 3/13. That is the ball game right there folks.

And the Defense...championship caliber and only getting better. All week we heard about the mismatch the Giants OL had over the Eagles' DL. Well I guess somebody forgot to tell Bunkley and Patterson. 4th and problem. 4th and 2 even easier.

And how sweet is payback for Asante Samuel. Because of Asante the Eagles were leading early despite gaining a total of 11 yards on offense. I remember Wes Welker making the following comment about Samuel in the preseason, "He chose money over championships." I am sure you had a nice view of the past 2 weekends from your couch Wes.

And hell, even L.J. Smith had 2 catches and a huge 15 yard face mask penalty against him. Game balls for everyone today...the beard lives for another week.

Who Really Knows; Kevin Curtis Show

The Arizona game showed us that no one can predict these things. So below find my guess on what goes down today.

And call it my hunch...Kevin Curtis (Reid's beard sucks compared to what Curtis has going on) breaks out today. The man who put up 1110 yards last season has yet to register a single 100 yard receiving game this season. No time like the present to break the streak.

Eagles 17 Giants 13

The Excitement is Building

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carolina Fans Are The Worst

They might be, but who really cares. I am watching the Carolina - Arizona game, and Jake Delhomme is playing horrific football. 3 turnovers already in the 1st half. And guess what the Carolina fans are booing their QB and their team. Oh my god, fans outside of Philadelphia being negative and booing, it just can't be.

Shouldn't the Carolina fans just be thankful that their team won the division and are in the playoffs?!? How ungrateful those Carolina fans are. Such behavior only exists in the city of brotherly love, right?

To the national media that continues to pick on the Philadelphia fan base...shut it. When things aren't going well fans are going to voice their disapproval and disappointment in their team and QB. It happens all over the country, not just in Philadelphia.

Thank you Carolina. You proved Philly's point perfectly. Oh if the Panthers manage to pull this game out in the 2nd half, the Carolina fans must be front runners if they all of a sudden start cheering.

A True Bird Brain

D Wins Championships

It's what they always say. It's why everyone is drooling over the Ravens and Steelers this weekend.

And if the old adage again holds true this playoff season I love the Eagles' chances. It's the Eagles' defense that also gives this fan confidence in tomorrow's match-up.

McNabb, Westbrook, and Reid are usually grabbing the headlines. But I still do not have 100 percent trust in the offense. No matter what they keep showing me, I know at any minute the Redskins' game offense can return. B-West has averaged only 3.0 ypc since Week 14. Donovan can at any second start sailing them high or burying them in the ground. And Reid and Marty can instantly become fascinated with the pass.

So it's the D that gives me hope. The unit is ranked #3 overall in the NFL and #1 in the NFC. Sounds dominant to me. You see the dominance in the below stats...

  • Adrian Peterson is the NFL Rushing Champion and better than Brandon Jacobs. The Eagles held Peterson to only 83 rushing yards last weekend.
  • In the past six games the Defense has 13 takeaways. That's over 2 a that tomorrow and the W is a sure thing.

So Donovan and company, don't turn the ball over and give the D 10-14 points. The D will take it home from there.

Enough Already!

I've had enough.

Sunday, 1pm needs to get here...NOW!! It's time for the players to decide this thing. Enough of reading the Internet and newspaper columns. Enough of being stated to death with why this team is supposedly better than the other.

No more match-up analysis on why Eli or Donovan is better. No more reliving the Week 10 and Week 14 match-ups. No more making meaningless predictions. The so-called experts are really only guessing in the end.

The weekend is finally here. Unfortunately we have to wait yet another day before the Iggles take the field. At least we aren't the late game tomorrow. This fan is too psyched to have to wait yet one more day. I need to know if the playoff beard is going to last one more week.

25 hours to kick-off. I can't wait! (I also can't get enough of this video)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Cover Boy

The SI cover was nice. But can the kid back-up the hype this weekend? If we want that Eagles' W, we better hope so.

Jackson was a stud last week on special teams. He even had a key grab for 34 yards to keep the chains moving. But the Eagles will need more this week. And they will most definitely need more than the 0 receiving yards and -9 rushing yards DeSean put up against the G-Men in Week 14.

The way I see it is that DeSean is going to see a lot of man-to-man coverage on Sunday. We have been stated to death this week with the fact that McNabb has yet to be sacked by the Giants this season.

The Giants have to pressure McNabb to have a chance to win. To get that pressure I expect Spags to go to his creative zone blitz packages (JJ style). This leaves the Giants with a choice, do you double team B-West or DeSean? Since it's always "22 eyes on #36" DeSean should see some single coverage. Coverage he should be able to beat.

By this time DeSean is no longer a rookie. Now it's time to make yourself a legend to the Philly faithful. All I am asking for is one big, long play...for 6 points! B-West and the D can take it from there.

FreshExpress - Fresh Express Tender Ruby™ Reds and Sweet Tender Greens™

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So the way to stick with the diet is to stick with Fresh Express Tender Ruby™ Reds and Sweet Tender Greens. You feel good on the inside and the results will show on the outside.

Even At The Eagles' Worst

Most of the talk this week has been about how the Eagles beat the Giants in week 14. Already winning in NJ should give the Eagles plenty of confidence as they head back to the Swamp this weekend.

But there is something else that should give them confidence...their week 10 match-up with the G-Men, in which they lost. The Eagles played as bad as they possibly could on defense and still had a chance to win the game with 1:55 left in the 4th.

The game came down to 4th and 1 despite the D giving up 219 yards on the ground and the Eagles losing the time of possession battle almost 2:1. The defense flat out sucked, yet the Eagles still had a reasonable shot to win the game in the end.

Such a game gives this fan a lot of confidence come Sunday. I keep hearing about how healthy Jacobs is. I hear about how rested the entire Giants team is coming off of their bye week. Who cares. The Eagles already took the Giants' absolute best shot and still were in the game.

And there is no way that this current Eagles D puts up another pathetic showing on Sunday. I keep saying, if the Eagles offense can manage 14-17 points I have full faith in the D to bring home the W.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brian Dawkins - Jacked Up!

My wife comes home and tells me about how her co-workers were talking up how psyched Brandon Jacobs is for Sundays' game. No one could be more jacked up.

Her response to those idiots...have you seen Brian Dawkins?!?

Why The Beard Lives On

Of course Dawkins explains in perfectly...

"It's just a reminder that every time I get up and every time that I look in the mirror and every time this thing itches you, it reminds me what's going on right now."

Random, interesting stat that probably means nothing...

Nobody has ever beaten the Giants twice at the Giants’ home in the same season. Nobody. EVER.

Shut Up Strahan

And someone else feels the need to voice their opinion on Philly's love (or lack of) for McNabb. Silly me, I actually enjoyed Michael Strahan on the Fox pre-game show.

Courtesy of Strahan...
"Everybody in Philly – when he's [McNabb] gone, they're going to miss him," Strahan told the Daily News yesterday. "Even if they'd won the Super Bowl, I don't know if they'd be happy. It's like he can't do enough."

Enough people. Stop with the lies!

The city, the Eagles' fans do appreciate McNabb and everything he has meant to the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles' franchise. Sure there are going to be a few idiots who boo McNabb on draft day or as a group we might occasionally become annoyed by passes hitting the ground a bit too often.

BIG SHOCKER to the world...the overriding emotion for McNabb is that of love, respect, and appreciation from the Eagles' fans.

You don't believe me.

Let's rewind the clock back to the Steelers' game this season. It was a home game. At a point in the game McNabb left the field with an injury. McNabb remained in the locker room at the start of the second half. When the fans saw McNabb exit the tunnel early in the 3rd quarter the ENTIRE stadium got on their feet and applauded his return. That is 60,000+ screaming fans!

I wish people would stop writing and talking about what isn't true.


Mr. Buckhalter tends to disappear during games, as coaching doesn't utilize him enough despite knocking off 20 yard runs on a consistent basis. This is NOT okay, especially considering Westbrook's inability to stay near 100%.

How can one tell that Westbrook isn't himself? Simple. When have any of you known Westy to wiff on blocks? Typically considered a fierce pass blocker, Westy has been doing just this as of late. Despite knowing that Westbrook needs to get his touches and needs to play an integral role in this offense, I also know that he is playing soft... watch him "pick up blitzes" and you'll see the same.

Buck, on the other hand, has been criticized for his inability to be an effective pass blocker throughout much of his career. Despite what has been considered his weakness, it appears to now be a strength. Watch him pancake pass rushers and you'll see that he's taken a weakness and turned it into a strength.

If the fat man and his humble sidekick wise up, they'll see that Buck needs to be on the field as much as possible. Two back sets, spelling Westbrook, even lining up in the slot or split out. He can run, catch, and block... and has fresher stronger legs than Westbrook at the given time.

Join in my cries out to the Birds' coaching, "USE BUCK! Buck Buck Buck!"

The BIG What If

And no it's not this weekend's game. We all know the Eagles are going to win...Right?!?

WHAT IF Kevin Kolb actually played well in the 2nd half against the Ravens? What if he was able to survive the mighty Ravens' D and lead the Eagles to victory? Would the McNabb era have officially ended on November 23, 2008. Kolb would have been an instant star and McNabb would have been coming off a two game stretch where he turned the ball over 7 times.

Thanksgiving 2008 would have been the coming out party for Kolb. His first home game as the starting QB in front of the Philly faithful. Even if the Eagles lost their share of games down the stretch the commitment to the future would have already been made.

But in the end Kolb played like Kolb. McNabb was back on the field for the Thanksgiving game. Now the Eagles are gearing up for a Divisional Round Playoff Game.

And whatever happens this Sunday will pale in comparison to the events of November 23, 2008. On that day the future of three people were sealed.

Reid looked like the master motivator for benching his QB and then having McNabb thrive upon his return to the starting line-up. Reid will not be fired, but instead will be back for an 11th season in 2009.

McNabb showed that without him as the QB the franchise is screwed. He is most likely on his way to a new lucrative deal this off-season. An 11th season is a sure thing for McNabb as well.

Kolb showed that he isn't the future. He will instead will best remembered as a draft bust and for Ed Reed's 108 yard interception return.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Guy With 22 Eyes

#5 is grabbing the headlines with his whining. Big Red is fascinating us with his scruff. Brian Westbrook, well he is keeping quiet. Well until Sunday...I hope.

It's not new news. If the Eagles are leaving NJ with a win it will be because B-West played like B-West. If he doesn't we can pretty much kiss that trip to Carolina good bye (yes I am giving Arizona zero chance to win this weekend).

The stats make my argument even more obvious. Since 2003 the Eagles have beaten the Giants 5 times. In those 5 games Westbrook has averaged a bit over 156 total yards per game. This is why Spags always says "we need 22 eyes on #36, every play."

With B-West in the line-up the Eagles have lost 4 games since 2003. In those 4 losses #36 has averaged 115 total yards per game. Not bad numbers. But when you are playing a Giant (pun intended) you need every one of those extra 40+ yards.

These stats showed their absolute truth this season. On November 9, Westbrook was limited to 59 total yards. Of course the Eagles lost. On December 7, Westbrook punked Pierce and company to the tune of 203 total yards. Of course the Eagles won.

Sure the D and Donovan are playing great. But the difference again will be the guy with "22 eyes" of attention focused on him.

Good Season? Not Yet

Don't get me wrong, I am psyched for this weekend's game. I have loved every minute of meaningful football this December and January. With the recent turnaround, Reid and McNabb deserve to gloat a bit.

But to this point can we really say it has been a great season that has exceeded our expectations?

Unless you have lowered your expectations, the answer should be no. Going into the season the hype around the Eagles was again Super Bowl or bust. Some idiots even said it was "Pedal to the Metal" this season. So 9 wins, an Oakland miracle, and a wild card win over an inferior opponent is still underachieving in my book.

So what makes this a great season? Simple, beat the G-Men on Saturday. You beat the Champs on their field and advance to the NFC Championship game you have my vote on a successful season and continuation of the Reid and McNabb era.

If they loss on Sunday what's there really to be satisfied with this season? Didn't the Phillies teach us to expect more from our teams?