Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Almost Super Bowl Champs

Came across this email today...

This DVD comes jam-packed with the following bonus features:
  • Donovan McNabb's regurgitations in 3-D
  • TO's unedited driveway press conference, complete with abdominal workout
  • A primer on Andy Reid's famous one-liners after yet another devastating big-game loss
  • Lorenzo Booker - Brian Westbrook's Heir Apparent

But wait, if you order now, we'll throw in the Reid and McNabb "Football Fundamentals" series:
- Time management
- The 2-minute drill
- Winning the big game
- What to do 10 years into a 5 year plan
- How to run a balanced offense

But wait - there's more! The first 100 buyers will get a bonus DVD featuring:
- In-depth biographies of the Eagles first round picks in 2007 & 2008
- "Where Are They Now?" - Reno Mahe, Todd Pinkston, and Freddie Mitchell discuss why no other team but the Eagles would have them
- Tales From the Turnstile: The Winston Justice Story
- Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust: A Short History of Kick Returner Jeremy Bloom

We can't run a deal like this all day. But if you promise to tell a friend about this DVD, we'll include 90 minutes of propaganda from the Eagles Minister of Information, Dave Spadaro!


Anonymous said...

dude- this is HILAR. Well done.

PhillyFanSportsTalk said...

Not only am I sick about what happened against the Cardinals..i am even sicker about Joe Banner' comments. I don't know about any one else, but I get tired of Joe treating us all like morons. Comparing Reid to John Madden is ridiculous.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

This is very, very funny. I sincerely hope you keep up the wonderful work here. I have some great ideas for hilarious 'dogs (specifically bulldogs) dressed in sports themed attire' for future seasons. I mean, we are talking comedy gold. Platinum actually.