Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad Omen For the Eagles?

So the DUUUUUCE has been selected as the Eagles' honorary captain for this weekend's coin toss. My initial reaction was perfect choice.

But then I rubbed a hand on my face, felt the superstitious Andy Reid beard, and I instantly thought bad omen with Duce Staley.

Why have anything that conjures memories of the 2003 NFC Championship Game associated with this season's squad.

The 2003 title was to be a sure thing (like we are also feeling entering this Sunday). We were going to close out the Vet with a bang. We didn't and I am still seeing Blaine Bishop and Joe Jurevicius in my nightmares.

Let's not ruin 2009 with anything 2003. Just make B-Dawk the captain...Do It For Dawkins!


Anonymous said...

Agreed- Dawkins should be Captain. Liking this bulldog thing you've got going on.

Anonymous said...

That's my sister's bulldog, Dawkins...keep in mind it's a female and is repping the Arizona eagles contingent

Anonymous said...

Ms. Dawkins is giving zoe a run for her money. Sorry- had to be said.

Anonymous said...

nah...bad omen or not, nothing's going to stop this team. It's OUR YEAR!! Cool bulldog.

Anonymous said...

David. Not cool.

colonel said...

OK. I admit that I'm writting this at Half time, but it definitely seems like a very bad omen!