Thursday, January 8, 2009

The BIG What If

And no it's not this weekend's game. We all know the Eagles are going to win...Right?!?

WHAT IF Kevin Kolb actually played well in the 2nd half against the Ravens? What if he was able to survive the mighty Ravens' D and lead the Eagles to victory? Would the McNabb era have officially ended on November 23, 2008. Kolb would have been an instant star and McNabb would have been coming off a two game stretch where he turned the ball over 7 times.

Thanksgiving 2008 would have been the coming out party for Kolb. His first home game as the starting QB in front of the Philly faithful. Even if the Eagles lost their share of games down the stretch the commitment to the future would have already been made.

But in the end Kolb played like Kolb. McNabb was back on the field for the Thanksgiving game. Now the Eagles are gearing up for a Divisional Round Playoff Game.

And whatever happens this Sunday will pale in comparison to the events of November 23, 2008. On that day the future of three people were sealed.

Reid looked like the master motivator for benching his QB and then having McNabb thrive upon his return to the starting line-up. Reid will not be fired, but instead will be back for an 11th season in 2009.

McNabb showed that without him as the QB the franchise is screwed. He is most likely on his way to a new lucrative deal this off-season. An 11th season is a sure thing for McNabb as well.

Kolb showed that he isn't the future. He will instead will best remembered as a draft bust and for Ed Reed's 108 yard interception return.

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