Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bring on the Cards; Gary Myers is an Idiot

I recall reading the following headline by Gary Myers in the NY Daily News this week, "Believe me, Eagles won't beat the Giants on Sunday." I am probably sure Myers also predicted the Mets to win the NL East the past two season too.

What a game. It wasn't perfect, but in the end it sure felt that way. A team of destiny? Well all signs keep pointing to YES they are. But luck had nothing to do with today's victory. A total team effort brought home the W today.

Eli or McNabb? With no Burress to save him, the obvious answer is McNabb going away. The Eagles D shut down the Giants rushing attack enough to put the game in the hands of Eli. The result was 2 picks and an all-around crap game. Eli Manning is a 2008 Pro Bowler...lets check those votes again please.

Donovan, well make sure you have a pen handy cause you have just assured yourself a new contract. Yea there were 2 turnovers, but in the clutch McNabb was well, clutch. His play of the game was avoiding Tuck in the 3rd quarter and hitting Avant for 21 yards on a 3rd down and 20 from deep inside their own end. Plays like that are what makes McNabb special.

The OL again held the Spags (Spags is good, but he is not better than his mentor) lead D again sackless. 3 games, 0 sacks. What a difference keeping Winston Justice on the bench can do for a team. The WRs were their usual consistent selves. 7 different players caught passes, with the rookie (in experience only) leading the way with a clutch 4th quarter catch and 81 yards.

Oh yea, the Eagles' offense was 7/14 on third down, while the Giants were only 3/13. That is the ball game right there folks.

And the Defense...championship caliber and only getting better. All week we heard about the mismatch the Giants OL had over the Eagles' DL. Well I guess somebody forgot to tell Bunkley and Patterson. 4th and problem. 4th and 2 even easier.

And how sweet is payback for Asante Samuel. Because of Asante the Eagles were leading early despite gaining a total of 11 yards on offense. I remember Wes Welker making the following comment about Samuel in the preseason, "He chose money over championships." I am sure you had a nice view of the past 2 weekends from your couch Wes.

And hell, even L.J. Smith had 2 catches and a huge 15 yard face mask penalty against him. Game balls for everyone today...the beard lives for another week.

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