Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring Out The Razors

For the beard of course!

I guess the Cardinals were legit and this fan jumped the gun on a trip to Tampa. Credit goes to the Cardinals for showing up from the start today. When they needed a play their D and O delivered. Kurt Warner secured his spot in Canton with his final drive...congratulations.

The Eagles...yea we have been down this road before, but it doesn't make today's loss hurt any less. So many people had a hand in this loss. But before we start pointing fingers let's not forget how enjoyable this ride has been. The season could have been over in Week 16.

The off season should be an interesting one. My only hope is that the Eagles don't continue to think that only some minor changes are needed. A complete over haul is not needed, but there are definitely more than a few areas to upgrade.

This unexpected ride was fun, even if today SUCKS!


Unknown said...

You are too optimistic man.

All I feel is misery. and missed chances.

In about a weeks time I can look to the offseason.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to beleive but Mcnabb is so different from other winners. He wants to have fun, they want to win! He was smiling and goofing while kurt was cussing and fighting to win! Its about intensity and drive and mcnabb lacks some of both.

colonel said...

It's a typical Eagles Season or End of Season, when we say, "Wait till next year"! At least this year we have the Phillies to look back on and forward to with some hope.

We Eagles fans got tricked or dupped again. Before Thanksgiving we (even Howard Eskin) saw the team, the coach and the QB for what they really were. Then they won some games and our hopes and dreams blinded us and we started believing that this was somehow a different team and coach and QB, and that somehow a miracle occurred.

Well, this is still Andy Reid's and Donovan McNabb's Eagles and we have to "wait till next year" or the year after or the years after that.....