Thursday, January 8, 2009


Mr. Buckhalter tends to disappear during games, as coaching doesn't utilize him enough despite knocking off 20 yard runs on a consistent basis. This is NOT okay, especially considering Westbrook's inability to stay near 100%.

How can one tell that Westbrook isn't himself? Simple. When have any of you known Westy to wiff on blocks? Typically considered a fierce pass blocker, Westy has been doing just this as of late. Despite knowing that Westbrook needs to get his touches and needs to play an integral role in this offense, I also know that he is playing soft... watch him "pick up blitzes" and you'll see the same.

Buck, on the other hand, has been criticized for his inability to be an effective pass blocker throughout much of his career. Despite what has been considered his weakness, it appears to now be a strength. Watch him pancake pass rushers and you'll see that he's taken a weakness and turned it into a strength.

If the fat man and his humble sidekick wise up, they'll see that Buck needs to be on the field as much as possible. Two back sets, spelling Westbrook, even lining up in the slot or split out. He can run, catch, and block... and has fresher stronger legs than Westbrook at the given time.

Join in my cries out to the Birds' coaching, "USE BUCK! Buck Buck Buck!"


Anonymous said...

100 percent agree with the post. Last week was the latest example of Buck going MIA

JP said...

I've been spouting this for 2 years. I find it hard to believe you'd find any fan who would disagree. Buck should be out there 30% of the plays, at least.